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Hawse End 2019

DAY 1 -Hawse End 2019 2nd October 


All arrived safe and sound and they got straight on with making their beds.  As usual some rooms were better than others! I was impressed to see some children unpacking their bags and using the cupboards for their clothes.  Most have just left everything in their cases. 
The children then had lunch and moved onto their first activity at about half 1.  They were all very excited.  The children have been split into five groups and will rotate around the different activities over the three days.  Lucky for us, the weather is really bright.  

Children are all in bed.  They had a lovely evening walk down to the lake after tea and spent some of their money at the tuck shop.  The teachers are all hoping that they get a peaceful night.  We are not sure which room who will wake up first this year - the girls or the boys?  They have a full day of activities tomorrow so let's hope they get a good sleep, so they are wide awake in the morning. 

Day 2


The children were up nice and early.  Some earlier than others!!!  I am sure you will all get to hear about the 2am tv group!!  

The teachers couldn't believe how much they all ate for breakfast, which gave them a good start for the day.  They were all excited to get to their first activity of the day.

Two groups set off for Cat Bells while one group went gayly scrambling and another group want on to Derwentwater in the canoes.


The weather has been very kind, but it was rather cold this morning.  A few of the children put on their swimming shorts because they were still warm!  

One aspect of Hawse End is to allow the children to experience challenges they have not faced before and to work together as a group.  Spending time with each group I have seen this in abundance.  They have supported, cheered on and worked together amazingly.  Seeing how they behave in this different environment and still having the same standards of behaviour we expect at school, shows what wonderful children we have at Bookwell.  They have been a delight to take to Hawse End.


They are all now in bed as we could see a few tired eyes and we still have one activity tomorrow.  Tomorrow will go so quick as they need to get all packed up and get the rooms emptied but then get on to their activity.


We hope to back at about 2.30pm but we will let you know once we have departed Hawse End.

Happy Birthday!

Hawse End Part 1