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We have been busy working on the story “The Gingerbread Man”. We were asked this question by Mrs Pope:-What would happen if the Gingerbread Man fell into some water, milk or oil? We had lots of fun making predictions about what would happen. We placed the Gingerbread Men in water, milk and oil to find out if our predictions were correct.

Guided reading

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Bonds to 5 and 10

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This half term we have been working on the text “owl babies”. We used a story map and actions to help us to retell the story. Firstly we did this as a large group and then we acted it out in smaller groups. We also innovated the original story by changing the characters and the setting.
In class this week we have been learning all about the festival of Diwali. We enjoyed making coconut barfi sweets and diva lamps.
This week we have been finding out all about World War 1. We have been thinking about why we wear poppies. We have also made lots of different poppies and we made poppy seed bombs. We hope to throw these into the forest next week and hopefully they will grow in years to come.


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