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Year 5

Welcome to our class,  Year 5,

Where Mrs Fawcett will help us strive,

To make our learning fun,

And get our best work done

We hope on this page you will see,

It's a great place to learn and just be!

Hawse End

We had an amazing residential where we experienced lots of new activities.  Not only did we experience new things but we learnt a lot about ourselves.  Many activities taught how to work as part of a team, to lead others, and how to solve problems.  We also discovered even if we don't want to do something we should give it a go because we might actually like it and when something gets hard if we persevere and fight the feeling to give up we can achieve things we thought were impossible.  Below are some of the highlights of our week.  More photo's can be found on the latest news page.

Learning about the Hajj

Imran, a teacher from Bolton, came into school to teach us more about the Muslim faith. After a whole school assembly where we learnt about the 5 pillars of Islam.  He taught year 5 more  about the Hajj (pilgrimage) every Muslim must try to make to Mecca, in Saudia Arabia, during their life. We learnt lots about what Muslim's do over the 5 days and what it means to them.  We took the opportunity to reflect on how it the Hajj might make a Muslim feel.


Lickable Wallpaper

We have created our own prints in order to create our own Wonka inspired Lickable Wallpaper.  We thought about shape, colour and pattern.  Some of the effects were quite effective.


We have been exploring balances in gymnastics and created our own sequences.  We had to to plan a minimum of 5 balances, be able to hold them for 5 seconds, link our ideas and ensure we had pointed toes. 

Place Value in Maths

We have been investigating 5 and 6 digit numbers in maths and playing games that make us think about the value of each didgit.

School Council Elections

Many year 5 children chose to stand for election this year.  All candidates presented their manifesto to the rest of the class and took questions from the floor.  Some children made posters and chose music to support their campaign.

After a very close vote Ollie and Halle were elected