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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher

Mr R Hardy


Mrs P Pope

Year 1

Mr M Corlett

Year 2

Mrs A McEwan

Year 3

Miss L. Giles

Year 4 (Deputy Head)

Mrs S Wolfenden

Year 5

Mrs S-J Fawcett

Mrs S Bennett

Year 6

Mrs L. Rae

Learning Support (SENCo)

Mrs S Wolfenden

Part-time teachers

Mrs J Kelly



Teaching Assistants


Mrs K Edgar
Mrs J Forrester
Mrs J Garstang
Miss C Scott
Mrs S Morton
Mrs S Scaplehorn

Mr D Pickering

Miss L Doran

Office Manager

Mrs G McAllister


Mrs B Telford

 Kitchen Staff 

Mrs A Suart
Mrs A Peet


Midday  Supervisors


Mrs A Kelly

Mrs H Kennedy

Mrs N Kelly

Mrs V Foxwell

Mrs I Huddart

Cleaner in charge

Mrs E Brockbank


Mrs L Gray 

Crossing Patrols

Mrs J Farrer
Mrs E Brockbank