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Year 5

Welcome to our class, 

Year 5,

Where Mrs Fawcett will help us strive,

To make our learning fun,

And get our best work done

We hope on this page you will see,

It's a great place to learn and just be!

Wheelchair Basketball

We were inspired and enthused by Nat Pattinson who introduced us all to wheelchair basketball.  He told us how he had given up on life, when he was 16, after an accident and with his bone condition led to him being left in a wheelchair.  However his mum forced him out of the house to try wheelchair basketball which he said he hated to begin with.  It wasn't long before his mum's perseverance paid off and Nat started to enjoy the sport even if he wasn't any good at it.  Before long his training started to pay off and he is now competing at an international level and is a world champion.  He is certainly very passionate about his sport.  One aspect he likes is the fact that is able bodied friends can play it too.  We really hope he visits again.    

Space Visitor

Dawn Watson visitedfrom Sellafield to share her love of space with us.  We got to learn about how the earth and moon travel round the sun.  We enjoyed making a model and creating a video to explain how the movements explain night and day, seasons, months and years.


Design and Technology Day

We had great fun creating circuits with motors to try and create a moon buggy for Santa.  We were successful in creating our circuits however had various problems trying to get our motor to propel the wheel because elastic bands kept flying off.  The sense of achievement when we got wheels turning was fantastic.  Although we didn’t end up with a totally finished product we had great fun trying.

Motor in Action

Still image for this video

Wheels keep rolling

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Beauty and the Beast

We were spellbound at The Theatre By The Lake when we watched Beauty and the Beast.  The photo's from the theatre are only a brief glimpse into how enchanting it was.

Fabulous Fractions

We have been learning to recognise equivalent fractions and also converting mixed number to improper fractions.   We were shocked when Mrs Fawcett told us to write an improper fraction on the table for our friends to convert.

☀️ The Solar System 🌍 

In science we recreated a scale model of the solar system which gave us an idea of how big the planets are and how far away they are from the sun. 

Solar System

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Whitehaven Workhouse

We have been exploring a range of sources to learn about life in the workhouse.  We discovered people from Egremont would be admitted to the Whitehaven Union.

🎄 Investigating Stockings 🎄 

Before making our own Christmas Stockings we have been looking at the way some have been made and designed.  We will use some of the ideas to help us in our own designs.  All final products will be revealed soon, we hope!

Parent Lunch

We enjoyed the opportunity to share a lunchtime with some of our parents.

Separating Mixtures

When we visited the woodland area we had to imagine we were the characters from our class novel, The Explorer, stranded in the forest with noting but a bucket of dirty, salty water.  We were given the challenge to make our water drinkable.  We worked in groups to think about how we could do this.  It wasn't long before we realized we would need to sieve the twigs and leaves out.  Once we had done that we still didn't want to drink the water as it was still murky with little bits of dirt in.  It wasn't long before someone suggested using moss to filter it - fortunately Mrs Fawcett packed some funnels and filter paper to do this.  Although the process was slow the water looked loads cleaner but still not safe to drink because of the bacteria and salt.  The next stage was to evaporate the water to separate the it from the salt before condensing the steam back into water to make water that would be drinkable.  We then made the most of our campfire with a marshmallow.  

Florence Mine

We visited Florence Mine to explore ideas ready for writing our own suspense stories.  We begun by identifying what we knew about it, inferring what we might know before thinking about what we would like to know and making some predictions of our own about its past and future.  It has generated some fantastic vocabulary such as spine tingling, historic, derelict, strangling plants, ancient decaying wheel.  We can't wait to include some of these in our stories.

Book Tasting

We enjoyed our first book tasting session today where we got to tell each other about one of our favourite books.  Once we had tasted a book we made notes on our plates to say whether it would be a book that we would choose to read on our own.  The juice and biscuits were yum too!

World War I

We enjoyed a trip to the Beacon and records office to discover more about world war 1.  We used a variety of historical sources like a census, baptism record (which had a mistake) and newspapers to find out about local war hero Abraham Acton who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery.  Children were also encouraged to do their bit for their country by sending eggs to wounded soldiers, collecting moss, wool and conkers.  We ended the day by making some poppies which will be included in the Beacons war memorial art installation.

Flat Stan First Aid

Year 5 are now confident first aiders after a morning learning a variety of strategies that can be used to help injured people.  You never know when you might need it!

Jennifer Carver Day 2018

Monday 15th October was our annual cookery competition.  This year we were faced with the challenge of using Mr McGregor's left over vegetables and persuading children to eat them by including them in cakes.  At first we weren't convinced and after peeling, slicing and grating we were even less convinced that we would want to eat a cake full of vegetables until the end result was out of the oven.  Once we did the taste test we were surprised how nice courgette, parsnip, beetroot, carrot and parsnip could taste and has definitely converted some of us to eat our 5 a day if it is disguised in a cake.  The judges must have agreed too as we won the trophy! 

🏑 Hockey 🏑 

In hockey we have been doing ball control and also practicing turns and at the end of each session we always do mini games.  We can't wait to find out which sports day team will win the inter-school hockey competition.

An inspirational visit from Jenny Daymond

On Thursday 4th October we were very excited to welcome a 'real' artist into our class.  Jenny, an illustrator, started our day telling us about her artwork and her job as an illustrator.  Many of her images are often drawn separately then she scans them into the computer and uses photoshop to combine them.  To help her create her images she often uses photo's and even makes models of scenes she would like to make.  The rest of the day she taught us how to create pencil sketches of Beatrix Potter's characters before we got the opportunity to use water colours and ink just like the famous artist did.  We also learnt two different printing techniques.   

Why did Egremont grow between 1880 and 1899?

In history we have been investigating how Egremont changed in the Victorian times.  We used maps to look at what changes had occurred and why they may have changed.  We learnt the tannery and flax mill closed in that period however the number of mines had increased and the railway grew which we think must have led to many more jobs as there were a lot more houses.  We were also able to see how Bookwell school changed from and Endowed school to the building we attend today.

Which material is the best insulator?

In science we have been planning and investigating which material would be the best to make our lunch bags out of in order to keep it cool.  We carried out our test and then wrote a conclusion.

Egremont Castle

In history we are investigating the local history.  We have begun by exploring the history of Egremont and creating a timeline to help us understand how Egremont has changed.  We then explored the castle before answering the question Why does Egremont have a castle?

Our Community

In music we have composed and performed our own song about Egremont “Our community”.  We hope you like it.

Our Community

Harbour Tales

On Wednesday 19th September we were enthralled by the Harbour Tales performed to us by Fools theatre company.  It was amazing to learn the production came from stories made up by children in the local area.  We enjoyed booing at the grumpy old man and felt sympathy for the lonely old lady.  The shadow puppets were an amazing effect that really helped the stories come to life.  In the afternoon year 3 worked with the performers to create new stories for their next show.  

Judo 🥋 

In PE we are learning a variety of Judo skills with Janice.  As you can see we are really enjoying it.

Woodland Story Settings

In English we are creating a woodland setting for our animal stories.  To inspire our writing we have been exploring the woodland looking at the different things we can describe.

School Elections

The votes are in!  Some of year 5 have been busy preparing manifestos and speeches ready to be elected for school and arts council.  Year 5 soon discovered delivering a speech can be quite nerve wracking.  Good luck to our councillors this year.

Beatrix Potter

We are enjoying learning how what we thought cute fluffy characters of Beatrix Potter characters are not suitable reading for babies as they are full of murderers,  kidnappers, thieves in our English topic on older literature.

Pop Art

In Key Stage 2 we have been creating pop art inspired work.  We discovered an artist, Roy Lichtenstein, whose work inspired a special edition of Peter Rabbit so we have had a go at creating ur own book covers using a Pop Art style.  Some of us included his unique style of ben-day dots and comic book style fonts and features.

World War I

We visited the war memorial today as part of our work with The Beacon.  We are helping them with an exhibition to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I.

Picture 1

Place Value

In maths we are exploring the value of digits.  We have played various games and even tackled a variety of problems.