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Year 6

Technology Day

For our annual 'Technology Day', Year 6 designed and made their own advent calendar.  Each child had to make a container for one day of our calendar.  They all made some very different designs and had great fun, cutting, sewing, folding and gluing.  We think it looks fabulous.  Pop over to the Video Resource Center to find out more.

Wheelchair Basketball

Nat Pattinson, a gold-medal winning, World Champion, wheelchair basketball player came into school today to talk to the children about his achievements as a disabled sportsman.  The children were very inspired by what he had to say and thoroughly enjoyed having a turn at playing basketball themselves.  Here are some pictures of the fun, and we also made a video of us in action.  Head over to the video resource center to watch it.

Bright Sparks Workshop

Sim, from C-STEM came into Year 6 to deliver their 'Bright Sparks Workshop'.  The children got to build and troubleshoot circuits, and explored what effect changing components in a circuit had.  It was a very interesting day and the class gained a better understanding of how circuits work.  Thank you, Sim!

100 Mile Challenge

Bookwell children are all taking part in the '100 Mile Challenge'.  To get us started, Year 6 did 16 laps of our MUGA (which equates to 1 mile). Some of the girls made it fun by doing laps in different ways: backwards, sideways, even dancing! A few of the boys ran around and actually did 2 miles in the time they had! Well done everyone!

World War 2 Assembly

Year 6 performed their class assembly all about their topic, 'World War 2'.  It went really well and the children loved getting dressed up!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

World War 1

We went to the Beacon to take part in a special inter-school project (A Brave New World) that commemorates the end of World War 1. We had an activity session with Alan Gillon, who showed us lots of artefacts from the War and told us all about the trenches and the war effort at home.  Then we went to the art room and made poppies with Magda. Before lunch, we had a look at the exhibition, which showcases work from local schools - ours included!  After lunch, we walked to the archives office where Jacqueline had planned activities for us.  We learned about a local hero, Abraham Acton, who received a Victoria Cross for bravery during the war.  We also learned about how local children had helped with the war effort by collecting conkers, moss and sheep's wool.  It was a fantastically interesting day and we all learned so much about World War 1.  A big thank you to Alan, Magda and Jacqueline for their time and effort to make our day special.

Anderson Shelters

The children were asked to make a model of an Anderson shelter for their homework project.  They all approached the task in their own way and a variety of materials were used.  We think they look absolutely fabulous and the children are rightly proud of their efforts.  Well done Year 6!

Jennifer Carver Day

For our annual ‘Jennifer Carver Day’, Year 6 made Wartime Glory Buns using a recipe from a World War 2 rationing cookbook. The children researched the ‘National Loaf’ and made information posters about it. They also researched other rationing recipes and made their own cookbook using their favourites. The Glory Buns were delicious and everyone enjoyed the day immensely. We shot a video of our day - pop over to the Video Resource Centre to check it out!

The Beacon

We went to the Beacon to engage with their 'Home Front' learning activity.  Alan Gillon led the session and taught the children about what World War 2 looked like from the 'Home Front'. We learned about evacuation, the Blitz, keeping safe, making do and jobs for women. The children got to explore artefacts and answer questions before trying out a real Anderson shelter. They learned so much and had fun in the process.

St Bees Priory Visit

Today the children visited the Priory at St Bees to learn about its history.  One of our governors, Mr Rice, arranged the visit so that the children could hear of its diverse history and architecture. We recommend you visit for yourself because it really is a beautiful place of worship with so many captivating stories.  A big thank you to Mr Rice and Reverend Gibbs for making it an interesting visit.  Some of the children took the photos as we explored and I really do think we have some budding photographers!


Our P.E coach, Dan, is teaching us how to play hockey this half-term.  Our first lesson was forced indoors by rain but we still got to practise our dribbling with a mixture of drills and games.


Year 6 are receiving squash coaching at the Falcon club. This week we learned about controlling the ball using a forehand strike.  It is very early days but some of the children are already demonstrating an aptitude for it. Well done, Year 6!