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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4 we are working very hard to be perfect role models for the new Year 3 class. Have a look at some of the things we've been doing since the start of term.


Today, Jonathon and Julie from Natwest Bank came into class to deliver their learning resource 'MoneySense'.  The children were given the task to plan a party for a chosen character within a budget of £100.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and each group managed to come in under budget.  In fact, many of the children were so frugal with their choices, it makes me wonder why they make their parents spend so much on their own parties!

Jennifer Carver Award Day

Today, Year 4 have been preparing a 'Jungle Buffet' for Jennifer Carver day.  We've made fruit kebabs, jungle dips, snake sandwiches and Animal biscuits.  The children got to explore lots of different food preparation techniques and had fun too! We waited with baited breath for Mr Rice to announce the winners and ... It was us! Well done Year 4!

Voting for School Councillors

We voted for our class school councillors today.  Any candidates had to share their manifesto with the rest of class.  Then the children voted for their favourite using a ballot box.  Secrecy was maintained at all time! The two candidates with the most votes were sworn in as our new class representatives.