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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

"We are all different, but there's something quite fantastic about that isn't there?" 

- Roald Dahl 


Take a look at all the interesting and exciting topics we have been learning about...

Lego Club

In Lego Club, the builders have been extremely busy constructing some fantastic buildings and inventions! Take a look at some of their superb models...

Picture 1

What's an adverb?

Did you know that you can run in many different ways? We discovered that you can run:

  • fast
  • slowly
  • crazily
  • sensibly
  • silently
  • noisily to name but a few! 

Miss Giles explained that these types of words are called adverbs as they describe how the verb (a doing word) is done. Take a look at us experimenting with different adverbs!

Complicated Carroll Diagram Challenge

To find out how well we know our properties of 2D shapes, Miss Giles challenged us to sort a variety of different shapes into groups 'shapes with right angles' and shapes with 'lines of symmetry'. She was very impressed with how well we worked together and listened to each other in a group. 

How clean are your hands?

As part of our Science topic, we have been learning about our personal hygiene and how to prevent germs from spreading. We conducted an experiment to find out just how many germs we carry on our hands. First we needed to find a place where germs might live and as a class, we chose the adventure playground as lots of children use it everyday. With our dirty hands, we then handled a slice of bread and later repeated the process with clean hands. We have left the slices of bread in a warm dry place and can't wait to see what and how each slice will look like after half term!