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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

In year 4 we are concentrating on being good role models for the new year 3 children joining the juniors. In my classroom we are always kind, considerate and hard working but we always remember to have fun!

Miss Watson

Role Play

In English this week, the children have been exploring the story of Beowulf through the use of role play. The children have done a character walk, some physical theatre, freeze frames.

Bug hunt

As part of our living things topic this week we have been learning all about invertebrates. During our science lesson, we went outside on our very own invertebrate hunt into the schools woodland area and around the school field. The children identified lots of different species and managed to find lots of different types of invertebrates.


D & T


To link with our History topic, in D&T this half term we have been designing and making our own models of a traditional Anglo-Saxon house. The children have planned, designed and made their own models independently, choosing their own materials. The next part of the design process will be evaluating their own work.

Living Things

In science this half term we are learning all about living things. So far we have been learning how to classify living things into different groups using a Venn diagram.



In English this half term year 4 have been learning all about narratives with a historical setting. We have been reading the famous Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf to link with our History topic. During our English lessons we have explored different characters, wrote an informal letter and even had a go at some hot seating.

Picture 1

Pop Art


In year 4 this term children have been looking at Pop Art in our art lessons. We have created our own comic strip artwork in the style of Roy Lichtenstein... take a look!