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Year 2

Gymnastic Winners!!

Huge congratulations to our gymnastic team who won the Key Steps 1 Gymnastic competition! They have all been working extremely hard on perfecting their forward rolls, back supports and landing positions, proving that practise really does make perfect!! 

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World War One Workshop

We were very lucky to be able to handle some artefacts and replicas from WW1. Everyone enjoyed dressing up as a soldier, stretcher bearer and listening to the gas rattle but more importantly understood how difficult and very scary life would have been for soldiers fighting for their country 100 years ago. 


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Special Visitor

It has been so fantastic to see year 2 engage with our World War One topic both at school and at home. We were very lucky to have Alan from The Beacon visit and organise a special workshop about life in the trenches and how the war changed life back in England. Did you know that children helped to keep soldiers feet dry by collecting wool from the farmers field to make socks? Or that they collected conkers to help make bombs? 

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Fascinating Food Chains!

In Science we've been learning about how animals get their food and how this can be shown using a food chain. To find out what animals eat, we did some online research using Google to help us draw our food chains accurately. 

Performing to the Receptions

After lots of practise and rehearsals this week, we performed our news report about Ben Routledge's war experience in France to some very excited receptions! They then performed their story of 'The Little Red Hen' using their story map. 

Hero in the Trenches Performance

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Take a look at our performances!


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Hero in the Trenches!

This week we have been learning how news reports can be used to tell true stories of what life was like as a soldier in WW1. We listened to the report as as text map then practised retelling the report by adding actions as a full class, in groups and then in pairs and trios. 

War Memorial Visit

We visited the War Memorial on Main Street during WW1 week to find out how soldiers from our local town are remembered. We were shocked by how many soldiers fought and also discovered that many were killed in France, Belgium and Gallipoli.

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Artefacts from Home

Year 2 have been so captivated by our WW1 topic that they've discovered some of their own family were soldiers who fought on the battlefield. Take a look at some of the medals, photographs and books some of the children brought in from home.

Poppy Art

We have been making poppies to prepare for the centenary of the First World War. Keep your eyes peeled to see where they crop up in school. 

Meerkat Mail

Today we listened to the story of Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett using a story map. We then worked together in pairs to retell the story and add actions to help us remember. Year 2 are excited to perform the story to the receptions later on in the week. Why not use the story map at home for some extra practise!

Sunny the Kalahari Meerkat

We had a strange parcel arrive at school today, it was a mysterious suitcase packed with lots of unusual things. Before we read the letter, we wrote lots of questions to try and find out who the mysterious suitcase belonged to. Later on we discovered it was a letter from Sunny himself! 

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Minibeast Hunt

This afternoon we headed up to the woodland to hunt for minibeasts as part of our 'Living Things' topic in Science. We looked carefully beneath logs, stones and leaves and discovered lots of different creatures including spiders! Take a look at what we found!