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David Williams World Book Day 2019

Gangsta Granny, Rat Burger, Billionaire Boy, Mr Stink, The Midnight Gang, Some of The Worlds Worst Children and even David Williams himself were some of the characters that roamed the Bookwell corridors completing a range of activities based on this funny authors books.

Boogie Bear

After reading Boogie Bear children were inspired to create a catapult that made a twong and would launch a bear.  Some children made their favourite scene from the story.

Gangsta Granny

Firstly we read a couple of chapters from the story to give us an insight into the characters and the plot. We then went on a treasure hunt around the school to find jewels. Each jewel had a name and a letter which the children had to record. They also had to record where they round each jewel. The  children then had to unscramble the letters to make the following words:- “Crown jewels”. 

Worlds Worst Children

Over the past few weeks my Year 4 class have been helping to collect recyclable rubbish. The children today have worked in teams to make a rubbish monster to tidy up Grubby Gertrude’s bedroom once and for all. All of their designs were created from all of our recycled rubbish. We had loads of fun... take a look!


Some children got to explore David Walliams' latest book - Fing.  Key Stage 1 children enjoyed making a 'Fing' while key stage children designed and wrote about their own 'Fing'

Billionaire Boy

The children who visited Mrs Wolfenden’s class (aka Mrs Trafe!) wrote a new disgusting menu for Wednesday. They also got to make Thursday’s pudding - ogre’s eyeballs! They all had fun thinking of gross foods and of course they loved getting to eat their eyeballs at the end!