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Living Eggs

Year 5 have been writing a daily diary on the progress of the chicks that we currently have in School.  The children are very excited  and keen to see what progress the chicks are making everyday.


Day 1

Today the eggs were delivered to our school in an egg carton, we will have to wait 3 days until they hatch into chicks. Right now they are in a  incubator and the temperature is 37.7 C. After they have hatched we will  put them in a container with a light bulb to keep them warm and the chicks will have some water.By Connor and Lucy.


Day 2

Some classes have seen them move, apart from that…nothing. Some people have heard cheeping. By Holly, Anna and Antony.


Day 3

This morning one of the chicks hatched at 37.7 C. The chick is helping the other eggs hatch by standing on them and playing with them.  This is only because the chick can hear the other chick in the egg chirping. Later on that day when our class went to see the chick and the eggs, the egg at the very back had a crack in it and we could see the egg tooth on the end of the chicks beak.

Day 4

1 chick has hatched yesterday.1 hatched this morning and 1 hatched at 9:50.So now we have 3 chicks. There is another about to hatch so we might get another.


Day 5

8 chicks have hatched there’s only 2 eggs left we don’t think they will hatch. There is a chick called Lucky and it is very ill.


Day 6

Today we held the chicks and a few pooed on the blanket. Mrs.Watson showed us how to hold them! When we came in Mr.Ashcroft was cleaning them out  


Day 7

Today we weighed the chicks, and got to hold them. They have grown. They have got a lot heavier. Lucky is the smallest and he is getting better.


Day 8

Lucky has sadly died!! Which is very sad, we all got to hold the chicks again, weighed them again. Paxo is the heaviest so far and Kiev is the second heaviest.


Day 9

All the chicks wings have grown. Some of the chicks feathers are falling off and going white and all of them are gaining more weight!!!


Day 10

The chicks are going to Mrs Fawcett's dad's farm today, so we will only be able see photos of them  . This will be the last diary of the Chicks.