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Year 5

smiley Welcome to Year 5 smiley

🤸🏻‍♂️Gymnastics 🤸🏻‍♀️

The children have been working extremely hard in their gymnastic lessons, performing many different balances.


Today we were really lucky to have Ian from Doodlebugs come and teach us how to draw something to scale using dots and guidelines. The reason Ian came in was to inspire the children to be resilient and to persevere when they find something difficult! They had a great time and really listened well and learnt to keep on trying when they found it difficult. 

Victorian Life in Whitehaven

Today, Mrs Norton, who works in the records office, visited us to teach us all about Victorian life in Whitehaven. We read quotes from a news article and sorted the information into categories of Victorian life. We then delved further into what life was like if you were living in the cellar of a house. We were disgusted by some of the conditions that people in Whitehaven were living in. We ranked the different houses in order of living condition.We also learned all about Mr Rawlinson, who inspected the town, and wrote a report which suggested things that the Trustees could do to make life in Whitehaven better. We ordered his suggestions and identified the suggestions which were more crucial and beneficial than others. Finally, we explored a housing census. This told us lots of information about how many people lived in houses in Whitehaven. We completed a census quiz which meant we had to read the census carefully

Grouping and Comparing Materials

The children have been busy comparing and grouping everyday materials on the basis of their properties. In their groups they had to test the conductivity, flexibility and magnetism of different materials, as well as investigating which materials are transparent and translucent. They had a fantastic time!

PSHE - Rules

In our PSHE lesson today the children were separated into teams and were then given a random object. Working together, they had to devise a game and a list of rules for how to play their game. After sharing their game with the other members of the class, we discussed the importance of following rules and about the rewards and consequences that occur when rules are/aren’t followed. From this we then devised our class charter and we also discussed the importance of rules and consequences in society

🎨 Pop Art Portraits 🎨

The children are all really proud of how their pop art portraits turned out. They did a fantastic job!

Maths Investigation - Square Numbers

The children have been using their knowledge of square numbers to solve different maths problems. It was trickier than it looked but the children worked brilliantly with their partner to find the answers.

🎨 Pop Art Portraits 🎨

The children have been tasked with creating their very own pop art portrait. These are work in progress at the minute but we will show you the finished product soon!


Whitehaven Workhouse

Today the children were investigating resources from Whitehaven’s Workhouse. They had to use birth and death registers and also registers from the discharge and admittance book to answer different questions. They also got the opportunity to explore a topic box, provided from Whitehaven Records Office, and learnt lots of facts about a Victorian workhouse in Whitehaven. The children were fascinated by the facts that they discovered! Thank you to Mrs Norton for arranging the resources for the children to use!


🌲🕵🏻‍♂️🌳Woodland Discoveries🌳🕵🏻‍♀️🌲

Today the children discovered some unusual sights in our woodland area! There were some strange eggs in some nests, footprints were scratched into shingle and wooden toadstools and bughouses had been over turned. The children had to then make predictions as to what had happened, using modal verbs to indicate the likelihood of their prediction being true.

🎭 Drama Club 🎭

This week in drama club we went outside on the MUGA. We started by playing some warm up games and then the children had to do some improv scenes using different sentence starters. Our sentence starters this week were: “It wasn’t my fault!”, “I want to carve a pumpkin!” and the children chose their very own, “I saw a zombie yesterday!”


Today the children were practising their gymnastic skills with their gymnastics coach, Mrs Mason. The lesson started with a quick warm up and then they had to practice different balances. At the end of the lesson they had to choose their best three balances Andy practise holding them for 3 seconds. 

After lots of practice we even had three children who could do the “frog pose” perfectly!

Class Assembly - 31.10.2019

The children performed their Hawse End themed class assembly today for their families and for the rest of the school. To see the video from the assembly please go to the Video Resource Centre. This is accessed by clicking on the 'Children' tab and then clicking on the video section at the bottom. 

Muslim Learner Services Visit

Today the children were very lucky to receive a talk about Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage that Muslims make to Mecca, from our visitor Imran. The children learned about the five pillars of Islam and enjoyed trying on the different items of clothing that Muslims wear during prayer. Imran talked about the five day pilgrimage, the children discussed what happens during each day and learnt about the importance of the pilgrimage to those who practice the Islamic faith.

Jennifer Carver Cooking Day

Today the children have taken part in our annual cooking competition and have each made a mini ‘pumpkin’ pizza. It was very tricky as they had to pinch and fold the pizza dough to seal the pizza and then they had to use string to make the pumpkin shape. The children loved learning some new skills and had some fantastic ideas as to which fillings they would put in the pumpkins next time.

Then the children created some fantastic packaging designs for their finished product. They had some fantastic ideas to encourage customers to buy, such as puzzles and games young children could play.
When they were cooked they smelled amazing and tasted even better! The children really enjoyed eating them as they were very filling and tasted really nice.

Diary Writing

Today we were visited by Catherine, who works for Dove Cottage in Grasmere. We learnt all about the history of Dove Cottage and that William Wordsworth lived their with his sister. In fact, it was her diary that inspired him to write his famous daffodil poem! The children studied the diary entry of William’s sister and then wrote a shared diary entry in the same style. Afterwards, the children had the opportunity to quickly write their own diary entry about a subject of their choice. 

Flammable Materials Investigation

Today the children were set a challenge by a local fire-safety officer to investigate which materials in our school are flammable. First the children worked in teams and thought of the best way to test the flammability of the different materials. Afterwards, they observed what happened when each material was set alight. In order to write their report they had to describe the rate at which each material burnt, what was produced during the burning process and whether it was a reversible or irreversible change.


The children have really enjoyed their hockey lessons this half term with Dan, their PE coach. I have been very impressed by how much their skills have improved this half term.


Suspense Tools

Our writing focus this half term is to create our very own suspense stories. We have analysed different pieces of writing to investigate how suspense has been created and the effect that it has on the reader. Also, the children have  magpied phrases from different pieces of writing that show that the character is feeling scared.


The children have been studying the works of Lowry and have then created their very own mixed media masterpieces in the style of Lowry. They look very effective!


Irreversible Changes

The children have been learning that some changes form new materials, and that these changes are not usually reversible. They were shocked to see that the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda reacted together to produce a gas.


The children have started their squash training this week with their coach Gavin. They had a fantastic time learning new skills and will continue practising squash for this entire half-term.

Maps of Egremont

The children have been comparing maps of Egremont from 1880 and 1899 to investigate changes that happened in Egremont during this period. Once they had finished comparing the maps, they had to speculate why they thought these changes happened.

Talk for Writing

In class we have been using Pie Corbett's story 'The Old Mill' to learn about the features writers use to build suspense in their stories and how - when writing suspense stories - their intended effect is to make the reader think that something bad is about to happen. We have been learning the story using a story map and actions and now that we have a good recall of the story will be using it as a guide to produce our own version.  

Science - Which materials dissolve in liquid? 

Today in science the children have been performing a practical test to investigate which materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution. We began by working out how to make our test fair and the children made predictions. The children really enjoyed using their observational skills during the experiment. Afterwards ,they had to describe how to recover a substance from a solution.


History of Egremont

The children have been studying the history of Egremont and have placed key events that have happened in Egremont onto a timeline. First, they had to answer questions about why Egremont castle was built and then they had to use their timeline to answer set questions about Egremont's history. The children really enjoyed learning these new facts!


Today we have been adding two single digit numbers using four different methods. The methods the children have been using are: making the next ten using a ten frame, partitioning, looking for relationships and using number bonds to perform compensation.