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Year 2

Super Squash Practise

Year 2 interview Reverend Duncan about the Easter Story

Alive, once lived, never lived...

Working hard at Phonics Club

Passover Festival: The Seder Plate

Christmas Dinner!!

DT: Making a Christmas Stocking

In DT we were busy using templates to draw and cut out our stocking pieces. We each chose our own coloured felt and cut carefully around the edge. Now we're ready to sew the running stitch next week!

How quickly do germs spread?

In Science, we explored how germs or microbes can easily be spready by just our hands! We invented a new disease called Fizzy Foz using green glitter and 'infected' 2 children. Within minutes, the Fizzy Foz had spread amongst the entire class. We found microbes on our hands, face, jumpers, hair, tables and even I-pads! We discussed personal hygiene and how keeping our bodies clean is super important to stop germs from spreading and preventing illness. 

Art: Wassily Kandinsky

This half term we have been studying the artist Wassily Kandinsky. We learned about his unique abstract style and the different motifs he uses throughout his paintings such as shape, line and colour. This inspired us to have a go at painting in the style of Kandinsky ourselves!

New infant playground!

Rum Story

We visited the Rum Story as part of our history topic to learn about the Jefferson brothers, a local family who had links to the slave trade in Antigua. We learned that the Jeffersons owned 3 sugar plantations and owned hundreds of slaves who were forced to work all day to make sugar and rum. 

History: Whitehaven Harbour

We visited Whitehaven Harbour on the way back from the Rum Story. We spotted lots of monuments with clues about the harbour's past such as statues, signposts and fishes on the ground. We were excited to spot them as we have have been learning about the history of Whitehaven Harbour for our class assembly. 



As part of Jenifer Carver week, we have learned about hidden sugars in popular drinks and the different food groups that make up a healthy diet. Year 2 were given the task of designing, making and evaluating a healthy wrap that was tasty and included ingredients made up of a protein, fruit or vegetable and a dairy product. We tasted lots of different combinations before settling on our final design, taking taste, texture and smell into account. We had lots of fun making our healthy wraps, learning how to prepare and chop food using the bridge and claw grip. 



Year 2 were super excited to start filling their sketchbooks in Art. Our focus in this unit is drawing and mark making. We explored making different marks such as swirls, dots, waves, cross hatch and stipple on different mediums to see what worked best. We listened to music to see how it affects our movement when making marks. Before being introduced to the artist Beth Krommes, who inspired us to create a piece of art based on waves in the ocean. 



In Maths, we have been learning how to measure mass and capacity. We used weighing scales to measure and compare different classroom objects and put our estimation skills to the test to measure the capacity of different containers outside. We were surprised that many of our estimations were far too high!



This morning on a woodland walk, we discovered lots of tangerines lying in hiding places on the ground. We also found a story book 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown. We read the story whilst eating the delicious, tangy fruit then began to act out the story using the 'Talk 4 Writing Approach'.



In PE, Mrs Mason has been teaching us a gymnastic sequence involving balances, rolls and positions such as pike, rock rock stand, teddy bear rolls and forward rolls. 



To mark the start of the term, Year 2 got to know each other and Jigsaw Jo during circle time. We played lots of games, shared our thoughts with with our friends and learned Jigsaw Jo's rules when in the circle.