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Chicks' Weekend Diary

Sunday 23rd March 2014. The cheeky chicks are doing really well. I think you will agree, when you see them on Monday, that they are growing up fast. Look out for their feathers forming on their wings! 

Lucky is still with us, and I am gradually cleaning her up: only her little head is still looking sticky now. Hopefully, by the end of today that will look a lot better.


Saturday 22nd March 2014. The chicks came home with me last night ( Friday), and I bathed Mr Sticky/ Lucky's wing as it was all gunky and stuck to his/her body.  I put a blanket over the top of the brooder box to keep the chicks toasty warm for bed time. I am really pleased to tell you that Sticky/Lucky looks better this morning and is moving around and snuggling in with the others!!