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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

In year 4 we are concentrating on being good role models for the new year 3 children joining the juniors. In my classroom we are always kind, considerate and hard working but we always remember to have fun!

Miss Watson

Y4 Summer trip

This Monday year 4 went on their summer trip to The Sands Centre in Carlisle. The children took part in a range of sporting activities and games in order to help improve their team work and communication skills. We had a go at, trampolining, rock climbing, dodgeball, athletics and lots of other exciting games. It was extremely fun and we all had a wonderful day.

Our Class Assembly

This week we performed our class assembly to our parents/carers and all the other children here at Bookwell. We prepared a short performance called ‘The Emperor Strikes Back’ all about the Romans and the incredible empire they built. We had enormous fun and the children performed brilliantly.

Colour Run 2019

This afternoon, many of our year 4 pupils along with the rest of the school, participated in a colour run in order to raise money for Hospice at Home. The children had a fantastic time and by the time the teachers had finished throwing the paint, there wasn’t a white t-shirt left in sight.


In P.E this half term, year 4 have been learning how lo play rounders. They have been learning all about the rules and tactical skills needed to play a successful game. Our sports coach had shown the, where to position themselves and how to aim the ball.

Making Roman style pancakes

To link with our Roman topic, in DT this half term we have been practising our cooking skills again. We have made some delicious honey and raisin pancakes. A popular snack in Ancient Rome. They were delicious!

Florence Mine - 23rd May

Today we visited Florence Mine for an arts workshop. When we arrived the children spent some time exploring an art exhibition displaying work produced by a local artist from Whitehaven. We then watched some creative films produced by the same artist. The children were then told all about the old mine and what it is used for today. The team explained all about the art products that are produced from the iron ore and other natural materials sourced from the surrounding areas and the Lake District.

Following this, we had a go at creating our own pastel drawings with a range of colours all made and produced by the wonderful volunteers at Florence Mine. In small groups, the children were also given the opportunity to have a go at making some of these pastels, we can't wait to try them out!


Arts week 20th - 24th May

In year 4 we have been creating landscape drawing of the Lake District using chalk pastels. The children have been given a range of photographic images from famous fells to popular lakeside tourist destinations, as a basis for their drawings. They have been taught how to create different colours and effects with the pastels and produced some fabulous work.



This half term in P.E, we have also been learning now to play Tennis with the Reds in the Community. Hanley has been teaching the children the rules of the game and the different skills and tactics we need to play a match effectively. We have enjoyed lots of ball and racket work and finally having a few doubles matches.


This half term year 4 have had the chance to learn how to play Rugby with the help of local coach Marnie. We have been learning all about the rules of play and practising the basics. We have had great fun throwing, dodging, tackling and playing a mini tournament against each other.

Making ice-cream

In year 4 this half term we have been looking at states of matter. We have been comparing solids, liquids and gases and experimenting with changing state. Today we had a go at freezing different liquids to make ice-cream. It was delicious!

English - Biographies

In English we have been learning how to write a biography. W have identified the features of a biography and then used our topic work to research the life of Julius Ceasar. We then wrote our own biographies about his life and work.

Maths - Decimals

In maths we have been learning all about decimals. Today we had a go at ordering decimals with tenths and hundredths. Each child was given a decimal number between 0 and 5 and had to organise themselves into order from smallest to largest without help from the adults.



Science Day - 18th April 2019

As part of science week this year we dedicated a whole day to planning and investigating. In year 4 we were trying to find out if all liquids were runny? We had great fun testing the viscosity of a range of different liquids, recording our observations and creating a table of results for our findings.


David Walliams

World Book Day 2019

We had a fabulous day filled with lots of fun activities based on our favourite David Walliams books. We went on a jewel hunt, made salt dough rats, created our own recycled rubbish monsters and even made some ogres eyeballs. Some children even created their own versions of the very popular book The Worlds Worst Children, they were brilliant!

Bright Sparks Electricity Workshop

Today the children took part in an electricity workshop delivered by STEM. We learned all about electrical appliances, how else electricity is used and where it comes from. We also learned how to build a simple series circuit with a range of components and how electricity is measured. We learned about ways in which we can help the environment and save electricity around our home and how to keep ourselves safe when using electrical items... what a brilliant day!

Maths Week: 25th Feb - 1st Mar

Imagination Gaming

To begin the week, we had a very special visit from imagination gaming and each class had a go at taking part in a gaming session. Year 4 had lost of fun exploring different ways to develop their mathematical skills, experiementing with an array of maths focused games.

Year 1 Maths Trail

Year 4 planned and created their own maths trail for the Year 1 children to complete. The children discussed a range of ideas and chose two trails for their group of children to complete. They then completed the trail in the afternoon helping and supporting the Year 1s wherever possible. Each child worked extremely hard, very impressive leadership skills.

Number Systems: Egyptian Hieroglyphics

As part of maths week each class investigated a different counting system and we learned all about the Ancient Egyptian system. We discovered that unlike our own number system, they used symbols instead of Arabic numbers to classify different numbers and amounts. We had a go at decoding the symbols and even creating some simple maths questions in hieroglyphics.

TT Rockstars Day

Data Handling

In Science we have investigated height and how tall each member of our class is and also looked at eye colour, to determine which was the most popular colour within our class. To measure our height we worked in pairs using metre sticks to get an accurate result and to collate data for eye colour we completed a class survey. We took the results and created a bar graph and table to show our findings and compare the data collected.

Cracking the code

As a school we took part in a code cracking maths trail during maths week. The children worked in partners to find a range of clues and answer the maths questions to reveal the missing letters and crack the code. The children worked very well together to solve the problems and find out the answers to the calculations.


During R.E this half term year 4 have been learning all about Judaism. We have learned all about the raltionship Jews have with their God and how they worship him. One of their most important celebrations is Passover and to experience what it is like we had our very own Seder meal. We tried all of the traditional foods eaten from the Seder plate, washed down with some fruit juice.


Library visit - 18th January

Today we visited Egremont Library. The children had a fantastic time discovering new books and learning all about different types and genres.

Viking coin pouches

This half term year 4 have changed our Arts lesson back to D&T. As part of our topic work we have been designing, making and evaluating our own Viking coin pouches. We had to design them with accurate measurements and then choose the materials and equipment we needed. We then made them using running stitch with a needle and thread. We had great fun and created some fabulous designs... they'll be very handy for pocket money too!


This half term our topic has changed once again to history and the children are learning all about Vikings. To begin the topic I arranged a visit from a very special visitor Bjarni Thorvaldrson, to come and tell the children all about what Viking life was like. The children learned lots about daily life, work, weapons and fighting, invading and raiding, religion and funerals and even had a go at coin striking and dressing up.




In Geography this half term we have been studying deserts and jungles and why they are so different from one another. We have been discovering why deserts are so hot and why there is so much rainfall in jungles and rainforests. The children have been learning to interpret  climate maps and graphs to show the annual rainfall in certain areas; we have become brilliant geographers.

Experimenting in Science

Our topic in science this half term is Animals including humans: Teeth and Eating and the children have learned all about the different types of teeth. We decided to create an experiment to test which drinks had the greatest effect on the enamel of our teeth. The children titled the experiment: How does sugar effect my teeth? and planned which drinks they were going to test and would then write up their finding once the experiment was finished. To emulate the enamel of our teeth we chose to test the drinks on free range eggs as the shell is very similar to that of our tooth enamel. Each group had 6 eggs and the results were very interesting.

Role Play

In English this half term we have been learning all about stories from different cultures. Year 4 have been looking at African stories, comparing cultures and religions of different tribes and how everyday life can be so different from our own. To experience what it may be like, when looking at the story of Zahra, we decided to do some role play. The children used physical theatre techniques to create realistic scenes and produce a short performance.

DT day - 3rd December 2018

This years theme for our annual DT day was Christmas. Year 4 had to design, make and evaluate a super sleigh for Santa Claus. They where given a list of materials they could use including x2 candy canes to use as tracks for their sleigh. We made some fabulous sleighs and filled them full with lots of tasty treats, they were fab!

Maths - Measurement

This week we have been looking at measurement. The children have learned to convert between different units of length, including mm-cm, cm-m and m-km. We can now order different lengths with a range of different units... take a look.

Maths - Times Tables

This half term we are looking at multiplication and division. Today the children have been practising their times tables. Using multi link cubes as a physical representation, the children grouped the numbers to work out the answers to the multiplication questions and words problems.

Anglo-Saxon Masks

This half term our History topic has been all about the Anglo-Saxons. The children were given a task to create their own version of the famous Sutton Hoo mask. Each child worked extremely hard on their designs and taking lots of time to make it look as realistic as possible.

WW1 Week

29th October - 2nd November

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of ‘The Great War’, this week we have been learning all about World War 1. We have done lots of different activities to help us both learn about the war and remember those who gave their lives for us. The children have investigated the different luggage bags of people living and working during WW1, pretended to be a soldiers living in the trenches and serving on the front line and  also produced some wonderful silhouette art.


Jennifer Carver Day

15th October 2018

Our theme this year was books therefore we decided to base our cooking task on Roald Dahl's famous book Fantastic Mr Fox. Year 4 had to design and create their own version of Farmer Bunce's disgusting doughnuts but with a tasty twist. Their mission was to make them so delicious, that Farmer Bunce would never need to eat another goose liver doughnut again. The children decorated them and filled them with an array of fillings and toppings... they were scrummy!


In Andrew's P.E sessions this half term, year 4 have been learning all about game play and how to play Hockey. They have been learning how the hold the stick properly, the rules of game play and the scoring system.

Y4 Football Club

During Autumn term we ran a football afterschool club for pupils in year 4. All children with a keen interest in football were welcome to attend and we welcomed both experienced players and beginners. We did lots of drills and tactics and also some competitive game play, we had great fun!

Role Play

In English this week, the children have been exploring the story of Beowulf through the use of role play. The children have done a character walk, some physical theatre, freeze frames.