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Welcome to Year 1's class page. Please have a look at what we have been getting up to in class!


Today we were really lucky to have Ian from Doodlebugs come and teach us how to draw something to scale using dots and guidelines. The reason Ian came in was to inspire the children to be resilient and to persevere when they find something difficult! They had a great time and really listened well and learnt to keep on trying when they found it difficult. 


                         Colour Run

Planting Seeds 

Today the children have been planting sunflower seeds and we are going to watch them grow over the next few weeks. Also we will be conducting an experiment to see how the amount of sunlight received effects the growth of three different seeds. Then the class wrote their predictions. 

Moon Facts

Today the children have been doing a jigsaw activity to learn new facts about the Moon. First they had to research the facts on research tables and then when they returned to their home table they had to share what they had learned with others in their group. Then the children had to design a poster sharing what they had learnt and they had to present their poster to the rest of the class.

Wheelchair Basketball

The children has a go at Wheelchair Basketball this week with their coach Nat. They found it really exciting and enjoyed taking part!


This week the Reception and Year 1 have produced a collage of a beach and the Year 2 and KS2 children have produced a chalk picture in the style of Percy Kelly. 







Finding Podberries

Today the children found some podberries in our school forest. This was unusual as we had just been reading about them in our class story, 'Bob and the Moontree'. The children had to decide whether we should open them or not and in the end it was decided that we should just leave them as there might be an alien inside and it could take over Egremont. 

Space Art

Have a look at the space collages that Year 1 have made, they're fantastic!

Rugby Skills

The children have been extremely lucky this term to practice their rugby skills with our sports coach Marnie. She has had them working hard to improve their skills in a fun, enjoyable and challenging way. 

Why is Ranulph Fiennes the world's greatest living explorer?

Today the children have been learning about Ranulph Fiennes and why he is classed as, “the world’s greatest living explorer.” In class the children were introduced to the words courage, bravery, dedication, resilience and patience and had to work out how these words applied to Ranulph Fiennes.


                       Science Day - What can worms sense?
Today we were trying to answer the question, “Do worms have senses. First we discussed what we had to do/changes we had to make to test the worm’s senses and we worked out what we would observe to check. Then we made our predictions.

Then the children went to the forest school to try and find worms. They found most of their worms under stools and logs and we discussed that reason for this was that the soil was more moist in these places. Then the children used magnifying lenses to look more closely at the worm’s bodies.
Then we performed four different tests. The first test was to check if worms respond to touch and the children tickled them with cotton buds. Then they tested whether the worms respond to sound by clapping closely to them. After this the children used a cotton bud soaked in vinegar to test whether they respond to smell. The final test was checking whether worms can sense light and we set up a tunnel to see if the worms would crawl into it.
At the end of the worms were safely returned back to the forest area. The children had a fantastic time practicing their investigative skills. 

SIIBOO Charity Fundraising

Today the children have brought in change from home and made a chain of it around the race track on the MUGA. The money raised will go to the SIBBOO charity. 


Class Assembly - Great Fire of London


Today the children have been learning about the equator and that the countries that are closest to it are generally warmer and those that are further away are colder. The children had to find the countries on the map and then read the key on another map to work out its weather conditions.


David Walliams - World Book Day

We've had a fantastic day today for World Book Day. The children have engaged in lots of fun activities in different classes throughout the school. 

Painting the Weather

Today the children have been exploring how many of the great artists painted the weather - choice of colour, texture and brush strokes used. The all the children got the opportunity to go into the Rainbow Room and paint their very own picture of the weather. 

Maths Games

The children created some fantastic maths games as part of their homework this week. They were all amazing, well done! 


Today some of the children went to Westlakes Academy to take part in a multiskills sports festival. They had an amazing time!


Math's Trail

The Year 4's created a maths trail for Year 1 to complete this week. 

Imagination Gaming

We were very lucky to have Imagination Gaming come to visit us this week. The children got the chance to play many different maths based games which would develop their reasoning, problem solving and memory skills. An added bonus was that they were lots of fun too and the children had a fantastic time!

Maths Investigation - Handling Data

Today the children were investigating the statement: The most multilink a child in our class could hold in their hands is 25. Is this true? First they had to make a prediction whether they thought that they could hold 25 multilink and then they used a carroll diagram to present their predictions and final results. This was their prediction: 

This is a picture of the results: 

3D Shape Hunt

The children got the opportunity to go on a 3D shape hunt around school today. They were shocked by just how many 3D shapes there actually are in our environment. 


As part of our school math's week the children have all dressed up as a Times Table Rockstar!

Spring 1 Reading Challenge Certificates

Each half-term Year 1 are set extra reading challenges to complete at home. Here are this half-term's Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate winners. 

Sorting Materials

The children have been sorting and grouping materials according to their properties. 

Princess and the Dragon

The children have been acting out our class story to help them with their writing later on in the week. They had lots of fun and really got into role as the different characters. 

3D Shapes

Today the children have been learning about 3D shapes and were investigating how many corners, sides and faces each shape has. 

What is the most waterproof material for an umbrella?

Today the children have been investigating which material would be the most suitable to make an umbrella. The two most waterproof materials were plastic and tinfoil but the children decided that plastic would be more suitable as it does not tear as easily as tinfoil. First we made our predictions...

Then came the fun part when the children got to test the materials. 


The children have been using chalks to create some fantastic dragon eggs. They looked really effective!

Thomas Farriner

Today in class we completed our Great Fire of London topic. First the children had to think of questions to ask Thomas Farriner and then they had to write opposing arguments for why he should or should not have gone to prison. The children decided that he should go to prison because he started the fire and he did not help his maid escape to safety.

Finding a Dragon Egg

Today we went to the forest area to go on a bug hunt but when we got there we were surprised to find a colourful and spotty egg in a nest! The nest even had burnt straw in it so the children guessed that it must be a dragon's egg. We listened to the egg and could hear scratching noises inside and the children even found some dragon footprints!

We went back to class and we had to decide whether we should open the egg or leave it to hatch by itself. They had to work in pairs and use the word 'because' to explain their reasons. In the end it was decided that we should leave the egg to hatch by itself because it was not ready to hatch and it needed more time. 
Later on when we went to see the dragon egg we were surprised to find that the egg had hatched! The baby dragon had cracked out of the egg, left a glittery trail behind and then flew away.

Finding the Dragon Egg

Still image for this video

Police Visit

Today we were really lucky as we were visited by some PCSO's and they brought their police dog to meet the children.

Forest School

Today the children have had their first forest school session with Sarah. They got the chance to re-explore the area and completed activities which they generated themselves. They had a great time!

Autumn 2 Reading Challenge Certificates

Each half-term Year 1 are set extra reading challenges to complete at home. Here are this half-term's Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate winners.

Christmas Party Day

Asking Questions

Today the children have been asking questions to our school lollipop lady. They had to work in pairs to write down the questions that they wanted to ask her, making sure they started their sentence with a capital letter and ended it with a question mark.

Design and Technology Day - Christmas Sliders

We had lots of fun and excitement today in Year 1 as the children had to make a Christmas themed slider. First they had to design them, then they made them and finally they evaluated their design. They were really pleased with them!

Penguin Sliders

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Santa Sliders

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Elf Sliders

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Penguin Sliders

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Science Testing

Today the children have been testing the properties of different objects. They had to check whether the objects were bendy or not and whether they were transparent or opaque. 

100 Mile Challenge

We have started our 100 mile challenge this week with gusto! So far we have done 22 laps of the MUGA, which is just over 1 and a quarter miles. The children are really enjoying the challenge of it so far!  

Library Visit

We had an excellent visit to the library today. First Ann read an exciting story called 'Mince Spies' to the children and then they got the chance to borrow a book from the library. Many thanks to Ann and Tracy for such a fantastic visit!

Making Hedgehogs

The children have had a fantastically messy time making their very own hedgehog! They made the body out of clay and used sticks for the hedgehog's spines. They were very proud of their what they'd made!

What is geography all about? 

Today the children have been looking at photos that would help them understand what the subject of geography is all about (the study of people and places). We discussed that some of the photos showed human geography (largely built environments) and physical geography (mostly natural or semi-natural environments) and the children had to sort the photos into groups. 

Using Magnifying Glasses

The children were using the magnifying glasses to check if they improved how well they could see something. 

Creating a Picture Using Purple Mash 

The children have used Purple Mash to create their very own picture of Max, from our class story, walking through a park. They look fantastic and they were very proud of them!

Science - Sense of Smell 

Today in class the children were first testing their sense of smell and taste by seeing if they could identify which flavour the crisp was. Then in order to see how one sense can affect the other they had to pinch their nose when tasting the crisps to check whether their sense of taste is affected by smell. After this the children were smelling different smell pots and had to guess what the smell was and had to think of words to describe it, such as sweet or spicy. Finally we gathered data and recorded it on a graph to see if the children could work out what the most/least popular crisp flavour and smells were. 

The Hodgeheg

We have started reading our new class story, 'The Hodgeheg'. The story is about a little hedgehog called Max who wants to cross the road so that he can go hunting in the park opposite. After listening to the first four chapters the children had to work together to discuss why he should or should not cross the road.  In the end Max decided not to cross the road to get food as he could find it in the gardens on his street. 


The children have been practicing their hockey skills this week!

Animals in the War

We have been learning about World War 1 this week. We discussed how animals helped the efforts of the soldiers in the war and the children had to decide whether this was fair or not. Later on in the week the children had to write facts about animals in the war in their English books. 


Today the children have been working with Mrs Borewell exploring symmetry. First they had to fold shapes to find lines of symmetry and then they had to identify which shapes were symmetrical in their workbooks. 

Autumn 1 Reading Challenge Certificates

Each half-term Year 1 are set extra reading challenges to complete at home. Here are this half-term's Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate winners. 

Playground Reward

The children completed their writing assessments today and I was extremely pleased with their efforts and how hard they were trying! As a reward the children were given ten minutes in the afternoon on the adventure playground. Well done Year 1!

Jennifer Carver Cooking Day - Gruffalo Crumble​​​​​​

For our school cooking competition this year we have made a Gruffalo picnic. In the morning we made Gruffalo crumble and some sandwiches for our picnic. Then each child made a 'Gruffalo Trumble' which was a mix between a traditional trifle and a crumble. It tasted delicious!


The children have been busy practicing their gymnastic skills with Mrs Mason this half term and have been putting into practice what they have learnt. 

Toy Questions

To consolidate the children's learning about old and new toys today in class both myself and our visitor Mrs Forrester brought in a toy. One of the toys was an old toy and one of the toys was a new one and the children had to think of questions to ask so that they could try and predict whether the toys were old or new. They asked some fantastic questions and made excellent predictions! They really enjoyed hearing Woody talk and were amazed that Mrs Forrester's doll was over 100 years old!

Senses - Touch

Today children have been testing their sense of touch.They had to think of words to describe the different materials on their tables. After this the children had to sort the materials into different groups according to how the materials felt - rough, smooth, hard, fluffy etc. 

Tullie House Toy Trip

The children all really enjoyed our trip to Tullie House today, where we learnt about old toys. First the children were shown some old toys by our guide. Then they got the chance to play with outside toys from the past and to explore toys from the past that require a push or a pull movement to work. The children also got the opportunity to play with dress up toys as well as creating some toys of their own.

Super Daisy Hot Seating

Today in class we have been reading ‘Super Daisy And the Peril of Planet Pea’. In pairs the children had to write questions that they would like to ask Super Daisy. Then some of the children sat in the hot seat and answered the questions in role as Super Daisy.

The Creation Story


Today the children learned about the Creation Story and how God created the world. Afterwards the children had to perform a freeze frame to show what happened on each day when the world was created. 

Senses - Hearing


Today in class we have continued learning about senses and have been learning more about hearing. First the children had to use their listening skills to guess what sounds were being played to them. Then the children went on a sound walk around the school and identified different sources of sound. The children also learned that the       further away something is the quieter it will sound.

Snack Shop


Every week some of the children in class bake in the Rainbow Room with Mrs Morton and prepare food for the other class to eat on Friday afternoon. Every child in class will get the chance to bake several times during the year. 

Traction Man's Sink


The children have been exploring the sink that Traction Man had to go in to rescue Scrubbing Brush. They were excited to discover all of the different objects in the sink. We spent time describing each item and thinking of adjectives the children could use when describing each item. Later in the week the children will be writing about the items that they could see in the sink

Sorting Shapes


The children have been sorting shapes into Venn diagrams this week. It got gradually more tricky but the children did very well and really enjoyed this activity! 

Traction Man 


Today in class we have started reading, 'Traction Man is Here' and then the children took part in a conscience alley activity. They had to work in pairs to think of reasons for and against Traction Man going into the sink to rescue his friend Scrubbing Brush from Evil Cloth, using the word 'because' to support their ideas. In the end 'Traction Man' decided to rescue Scrubbing Brush because he wanted to save his friend.

Asking Questions to a Visitor 


Today the children have been learning about toys from the past. They had to think of their own questions to ask our special visitor (Mrs Graham) about the toys she played with when she was their age. The children learnt lots of interesting facts and enjoyed listening to Mrs Graham's stories about when she was a child. They were shocked to learn that she didn't have a mobile phone and that she didn't have a TV when she was their age! They were also shocked to learn that their were no light switches and that she didn't have any toys with batteries in! Mrs Graham also brought in lots of toys from the past and showed children games that she played as a child. 



Today in class we started our 'Toys' topic. The children has a range of different toys on their table and they had to work together to answer a range of questions. Each group had a different toy on their table and they had to try and work out: what their toy was made from, how it worked, what it can do and how they could play with it. The children then had to write about their favourite toy, explaining what it can do and what it is made from.

Does God want Christians to look after the world?


Today we started our new RE topic. We were discussing what the word 'creation' means and the children got the chance to go in the Rainbow Room and create something for themselves. The the children had to answer questions relating to their creation, such as: How did it feel to create it? How do I want my creation to be treated? Who would I
trust to look after it? How would I feel if it was disrespected/ damaged? After this we will go onto discussing the Creation Story and how God wants Christians to look after the world. 



Today the children have started their gymnastics coaching with our PE coach, Mrs Mason. They started by practicing different balances and then practice performing forward rolls. They all tried very hard!

   Counting to 20


This week the children have been practicing their counting skills and have been trying to count up to 20 objects reliably.