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Maths Week

The children have had a great time during 'Maths Week'.  We had 'Imagination Gaming' in on Monday and Tuesday, and lots of parents got involved with the fun too. The children made their own games for homework; they've explored the school and grounds looking for maths in our environment; Year 2 visited the kitchen to see maths in action; Year 5 and 6 had visitors from the Primary Business Partnership; Year 6 completed a 'Snackshop Enterprise Challenge'; the children made maths trails together; classes completed a code trail.  What a wonderful way to learn about Maths! 

Guitar Concert

Some of our musicians entertained parents and key stage 2 with their guitar skills they have been learning.  We were impressed how much some children had learnt in a short space of time. If you visit the video resource centre you can hear how well they have done.

Bookwell Carol Concert

Our annual carol concert entertained the congregation with a trip around the world.  Readings and songs were taken from a variety of countries such as Jamaica, Czech Republic and Germany as well as the Christmas story retold in French.  We also took a moment to reflect on the 100 years since the end of World War 1 and made a wish for peace on Earth.

Harbour Tales

On Wednesday 19th September we were enthralled by the Harbour Tales performed to us by Fools theatre company.  It was amazing to learn the production came from stories made up by children in the local area.  We enjoyed booing at the grumpy old man and felt sympathy for the lonely old lady.  The shadow puppets were an amazing effect that really helped the stories come to life.  In the afternoon year 3 worked with the performers to create new stories for their next show.  

Infant Play 2018 - The Litter Muncher

Arts Week 2018 - Pattern

This year our arts council voted for the theme pattern from all the suggestions put forward in class meetings.   Every afternoon during the week 11th June all children had the opportunity to try out a variety of arts activities related to the theme as well as welcome visitors such as Lisa from 'play in a day' and Julie Harrison with felting.  Below you can see a variety of the activities the children got to take part in.

Animal Patterns

In Year 2, we looked at different patterns in the animal world, from peacocks to tigers and used them to make colourful backgrounds! We then used stencils to paint a silhouette, I think you'll agree they look fantastic and it was lovely to see everyone helping each other.  

Woodland Patterns

We were inspired by many artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling.  We enjoyed exploring the outdoors and finding different was of creating patterns, using natural materials, weaving and creating our own wallpaper designs using leaf rubbings.

Screen printing with Mrs Scaplehorn


Stanley Marvel may be the clumsiest clot in Megaville, but he's happy to read his comics and dream his life away. That is until it's turned upside-down when he discovers that local hero, The Candy King, is actually a Super-Villain determined to conquer the world with his corrupt confectionery! As the sugary charlatan and his mad minions enslave the citizens with hypnotic gobstoppers and a giant remote control, Stan knows Megaville is in need of a Superhero. But when his crazy Gran and her crumbly chums reveal an earth-shattering secret, Stan's shocked to discover his own true identity!


With a dose of secret formula and a pair of fantastic elastic anti-gravity underpants, Stanley Marvel takes to the skies as the greatest Superhero the world has ever known. 


Key stage 2 were proud to perform the hilarious story of Superstan to family and friends in Egremont Market Hall on Tuesday 27th March.  The singers gave their all while the actors had us in stitches.  We hope the audience enjoyed watching it as much as the children enjoyed performing it.


Julia Donaldson Week

In Key Stage One we have had a Julia Donaldson themed week! The children have been listening to many of her stories and have then worked in mixed year groups to complete various activities. On Thursday we had a dress up/party day and all the children dressed as a character from one of the stories and completed a Julia Donaldson themed orienteering race. 

Reception Class  

Stick Man - Making maps to track Stick Man's journey and then programming Beebots to travel around the map. 

What the Ladybird Heard Next - Decorating ladybird biscuits and making ladybird sun catchers. 


Year 1 Class

The Princess and the Wizard - decorating party cakes and making an animal puppet. 

The Smartest Giant in Town - acting out the story and discussing the importance of sharing/doing good deeds for others. Creating a collage of a giant. 

Year 2 Class

Follow the Swallow - Nest building in the school forest area. 

Snail and the Whale - Using modelling materials to create snails and then racing the snails in the school hall. 

Christmas Music Concert

On Thursday 7th December the Key Stage 2 musicians entertained us with various songs from Christmas Carols to songs by Snow Patrol and the Jaws theme.  We were impressed with how much the musicians had learnt and how hard they had been practising. 


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Guitar Concert

The Year 4 and 5 guitarists held a concert for their parents and the junior children today.  They did a wonderful job and we were all tapping our feet by the end. Their tutor, Mr Hunter-Brown was very pleased with their progress and performance. Thank you for your hard work, Mr Hunter-Brown!

electrics 1.mp4

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electrics 2.mp4

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There's a sunflower in my supper


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We were lucky to start off the sports day proceedings with a fantastic performance by Bookwell's Cheerleaders who have been working hard all year with Mrs Scaplehorn to perfect their routine. They were brilliant and have even inspired some new recruits for next year!

Sweltering Sports Day!

Arts Week 2017 ~ Candyland

Arts Councillors generated a list of themes for this years arts week and then voted for their favourite.  The winning choice was 'Candyland'.  So on the 23rd May we all took part in music, art and poetry based around the theme of sweets. It has been a mouth-watering week. 


When we asked the children their thoughts on the week they said; 

"Exquisite, fun and exciting."  Corey Y6

"It's really fun and you get lots of friends." Dexter Y2

"It's great, you get to team up with other people and make new friendships and share ideas." Sid Y5

"Better than usual because we never know what we are going to do." Jack Y5

"We do lots of drawing and making stuff.  It makes me feel really happy." Lacie Y2

"It's very relaxing."  Thomas Y3


Hansel and Gretel sweetie houses

Oh I wish I'd looked after me teeth

Performing Pam Ayres poem was one challenge.  We thought about what makes a good performance and then had a go ourselves in small groups to learn part of a poem to contribute to the final performance at the end of the session.  It is a lot harder performing than we first thought.

OH I wish I'd Looked After My Teeth.mp4

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Mystery at Magpie Manor

The Junior children enjoyed performing their concert, 'Mystery at Magpie Manor' on the Market Hall stage.  Both performances went very well and all of the children enjoyed the showbiz atmosphere.  The costumes and singing were fantastic and the audience got plenty of laughs (even if some of them weren't intentional!) We can't wait for next year's show!

Paired Reading

Over the year children get to pair up with another child from another class and spend time in the library enjoying a book together.  

Science Week 2017

The theme of this year's Science Week was 'change'. Each class teacher planned an experiment involving change and spent the morning working on it with two different classes. It was great fun and very messy!

Reception Science

We had a great morning exploring lots of changes in our science activities. We made a rain cloud using shaving foam, water and food colouring. We also explored changes when we put some water into the cornflour! it was so gooey but we enjoyed playing in it.  We also made rainbows using skittles and water.

Observing Reactions - Year 1 and 2


In Year 1 the children were observing many different chemical reactions and changes. First they were observing how Skittles changed when they were placed in water and they then had to create their very own bubbly reactions by mixing dyed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda. The children were also experimenting with cornflour and water and were emulsifying milk. Additionally, they were observing the reactions that take place when milk is mixed with food dye and washing up liquid.   

Exploring Slime - Year 2 and Year 1


We had great fun on Science day. Gooey, sticky, runny slime was all over our hands (and the tables and floor) first thing in the morning. We made Fybogel slime, cornflour slime and chia seed slime. We then completed some tests - the splat test, the stretch test and the viscosity test. We then moved to year 1 after break and took part in lots of different experiments. We had tons of fun!

Surface Tension - Year 4 and 3

Years 4 and 3 worked with Mrs Wolfenden to explore surface tension.  They explored the effect of washing up liquid on the surface tension of milk. It was very interesting.

Skimmed milk

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Full fat milk

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Year Five and Six Science Day

Year Five and Six carried out two activities on Science Day. Both tasks were very different and required the children to use different scientific skills. 

The first task was based around the biology of plants. Children dissected different plats to observed their 'hidden features'. Children talked about the different parts or the plant and their function. Children then carried out a fair test where they placed the same types of plants in food colouring. They then observed the changes that occurred and compared their results to the beginning of the lesson.

Children then carried out a physics activity. Children had to make the largest possible, free standing structure that they could out of newspaper and a limited amount of sellotape. Children discussed important scientific language such as: surface area, force, rigidity, and balanced forces. 

Children had a fantastic morning!

Living Eggs

On Monday 6th March we took delivery of 10 'living eggs'.  All of the children will have an opportunity to see them hatch, grow and even get to handle them. How egg-citing!

Chick 1

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Chick 2

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Chick Egg-stravaganza!

Day 4 dawned with the egg-cellent news that 5 more eggs had hatched overnight!  What a noisy incubator! The 7 healthy chicks have been transferred to the brooder so they can eat and drink happily without damaging the remaining 3 eggs.

7 chicks!

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World Book Day

To celebrate 20 years of World Book Day and 100 years of Roald Dahl.  This year we had a Roald Dahl themed day.  Everyone dressed up as their favourite character or in yellow (the author's favourite colour) and got to do different activities planned by the staff inspired by his wonderful stories.   There was everything from insect hunts,  potions, dancing raisins, gobblefunking with words, dreaming, marvellous medicines, Willy Wonka's garden and our own enormous crocodiles.


Book Shelfie Selfie

For World Book Day we had a competition to see who could enjoy a book in an interesting place.  Here are some of the entries, more can be found in the library.  Which is your favourite?


Lowes Court Gallery

The Bookwell Arts Councillors took a trip to Lowes Court Gallery today to view the work we have on display there.  The children loved looking around the gallery and were very proud of the Bookwell work that was on the wall.  What a lovely place it is, and such friendly volunteers.  The community needs to support charities such as this or they will disappear.  Some of the boys and girls spotted some things in the collection that they'd like to spend their pocket money on!

Carol Singing

The Choir went to Castle Croft to sing carols for the residents. They did a wonderful job and the lovely ladies and gentlemen thoroughly enjoyed their singing and even joined in with a chorus of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas!"

Recorder and Guitar Concert

The children from Year 4, 5 and 6 who have been learning the guitar and recorder treated children and parents to a wonderful Christmas concert.  They played some Christmas favourites as well as some other songs which they have been learning since September. It was a lovely way to start the day.

Christmas Dinner

What a wonderful Christmas lunch we had.  Thank you to everyone in the kitchen for cooking some lovely food and all the children had a lovely dinner.

Bookwell Carol Service 2016

On Wednesday 7th December we had our annual Carol Service.  The children all sang beautifully and the event was very well supported by families and the community. We hope you all enjoyed it and left church in a festive mood!