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Forest School

Reception (Daisies) week 4 Fairy houses, imaginative play: being mermaids swimming and being a member of the forestry commission using a chainsaw to fell the trees.

Reception (Daisies) week 3 Woodland Olympics.The children designed the course and explained their design to each other.The children tried each race.

Reception (Daisies) week 2.Signs of Summer,Butterflies patterns and symmetrical patterns and planning Woodlands Olympics.In the morning we saw a mother mouse carrying a baby to a new home,the children talked about how they should play carefully so they do not scare the wildlife to much.

Reception (Daisies) Forest school rules,knowing boundaries using 1,2,3 where are you? and what we do if we here the whistle?Finding our quite area for if we need time out or thinking time.Most importantly exploring the forest and snack time.

Year 4 Robins week 6 learning to whittle,making nettle soup and making s'mores

Year 4 Robins week 5 willow trail, starting an orchard, new base for the willow teepee and filling the water butt.

Year 4 Robins week 4 team building, planting and building a platform for a water butt.

Year 4 (Robins) week 3. Types of poop, forest creatures animation, experiments and more hedgerow planting

Year 4(Robins) week 3 more hedgerow planting, forest animation and experiments.

Year 4 (Robins) Week2 planting, habitats, pathways and our holistic development