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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is a classroom full of smiling faces and lots of fun! Have a look at our photos to see us working hard and find out what topics we're learning about.



Castle Homework


For homework, we had to create a model of a castle using any media or method we wanted. All our castles were OUTSTANDING! What do you think of them?

There's a Sunflower in my Supper


Key Stage 1 put on their show this week called 'There's a Sunflower in my Supper'. We have been practising very hard to learn all the songs and the words. Everyone who came to watch said we put on an outstanding performance!

Lowes Court Gallery


Bookwell has excellent links with Lowes Court Gallery in Egremont. The arts coordinators have visited and all the classes have completed art for the gallery on numerous occasions. Year 2 were invited to go and look at the different pieces of art on display. There was LOADS and they weren't all painting like we thought. Lots of different media had been used - metal, glass, paint, pencil, oil pastels, wood, glue - the list goes on. We explored the gallery and then sketched our favourite pieces of art. After that, we looked at the artist of the month and her pieces of work. We were set challenge to complete a piece of art based on flowers using different media. We'll let you see our finished result soon.

Walby Farm Park



Walby Farm Park was the destination for our school trip this year and we loved it! There were sooo many things for us to do. We played on the park, the sandpit, the trampolines, tractor tower and the go-karts. We also visited the animal area and we got to stroke and feed some guinea pigs and rabbits as well as milking a pretend cow. The soft play was awesome, especially the huge red slide. Some of the staff even had a go. Everyone wants to go back.

 Estimating and Measuring


Rulers were used lots and lots in numeracy today. We were picking various items in the classroom and estimating their length. Once we had done that, we measured them to check how close our estimate was. Some of our estimations were spot on!


Woodland Art Castles


There's a new woodland area on the field behind the MUGA. We went exploring there today and found loads of twigs, leaves, grass and other plants. We collected as much as we could and used them to add detail to our castle outlines. Hopefully it'll be sunny tomorrow so we can finish them. Fingers crossed 🀞🏻





Kenyan Animal PowerPoint



Paired Reading


On Wednesdays we take part in paired reading with other classes. We share books and read to each other. Since it was such a lovely day today, we went onto the field and did some paired reading with a partner from our own class. It was lovely to read outside in the sunshine.



Ice Lollies and Sunshine


We sat our Key Stage 1 SATs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we worked super hard. Mrs McEwan said that our brains must have been roasting hot because they worked so hard. To help them cool down a bit, we went up to the MUGA and had some ice lollies and free time. Some of us played races, some of us did some role play and some of us decided that we were going to relax and sunbathe in the bright sunshine.

Fielding Games


As the weather has been so sunny, we have been doing PE on the MUGA. We are learning about fielding games so we have been throwing and catching. This week we learned how to stand and hold a bat in order to hit the ball.

Art Afternoon


The KS1 porch display is changing next week so we had to get arty to make some things for it. The theme is based on the Key Stage 1 performance - There's a Sunflower in my Supper. We've been making birds, bees, bugs and butterflies as well as flowers.



Tennis is the sport we will be learning about and participating in over this half term. Today we were learning about ball skills and how to control the ball. Lots of us have watched tennis on television and a few of us are sure we are as good as Andy Murray. 

Booster Club


Year 2 have Booster Club on a Wednesday. We do some super hard numeracy and literacy work. Sometimes we play games and have to beat our score from last time. Even Mrs McEwan cheers us on!

Outdoor Phonics


It was sunny this morning so Mrs McEwan's group went outside to do phonics. We were writing our spellings on the playground using chalk and marking them. After that, we played a clue game and had to run and find the correct spelling. 

Exploring Instruments


"Wood or metal, or is it made of skin?" We've been learning about the materials that instruments are made from. Someone played an instrument and we had to guess what material it was made from. We then had to mime playing the instruments we could hear on a piece of music. We were awesome at the violin, flute and piano.

Ani-Mel Fun Run


The school council decided that we were going to raise money for Ani-Mel animal sanctuary which is run by a lady called Mel. We filled up our sponsor forms and got our outfits ready for an animal fun run. On the day, we had to complete laps of the MUGA but we had to move like animals - slow as a sloth, stomp like an elephant, sidestep like a crab, fast as a cheetah. We also dressed up as animals. Don't we look amazing? 

Science Day


We had great fun on Science day. Gooey, sticky, runny slime was all over our hands (and the tables and floor) first thing in the morning. We made Fybogel slime, cornflour slime and chia seed slime. We then completed some tests - the splat test, the stretch test and the viscosity test. We then moved to year 1 after break and took part in lots of different experiments. We had tons of fun!

World Book Day


World Book Day at Bookwell Primary School had a Roald Dahl theme. We were placed in groups that had children from Reception all the way up to Year 6. We moved around the classrooms doing different activities from Roald Dahl novels. Making potions with George's Gran, coming up with new 'Gobblefunk' words, making witch masks and lots more. It was great fun and working with boys and girls from other classes was fantastic. We also dressed up as Roald Dahl characters. Can you guess who each of us is meant to be?

Snack Shop


The smell in Key Stage One on Fridays makes everyone's mouth water because it's snack shop time. Some pupils and Mrs Morton bake or cook something delicious in the morning for the rest of the class to munch on in the afternoon. Our three cooks announce what they have made for us and then serve it to us along with some juice. Last week we had some mouthwatering marble cake. We wonder what we'll have this week?

​​​​​​Chinese New Year


On Wednesday, we celebrated Chinese New Year by having a day that was all about China. The whole school took part in lots of different activities. In Key Stage One, we made money pouches, lanterns and Chinese dragons. We also painted some cherry blossom trees. In the afternoon, we took part in a dragon dance workshop and got to old a dragon, umbrellas and fans. There was also some tasty food for us to try. Have a look in the Key Stage One porch to see some photos and some of our fantastic work.

3D Shape Nets


Cylinders, cubes, square based pyramids, cones and triangular based pyramids were some of the shapes we made from a shape net. We were really surprised that 2D shapes could make a 3D shape with some folding and gluing.

Materials Hunt


Our science topic is all about materials so we went on a materials hunt around Key Stage 1. Glass, plastic, rubber, wood, paper and rock were just some of the materials we found.

​​​​​​Ball Games


Our sports coach, Dan, is teaching us all about ball games this term. We came up with lots of different ways to make the ball travel to our partners.

The Owl Who Was ​​​​​​Afraid of the Dark


We're studying the book 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' by Jill Tomlinson. It's all about an eight week old barn owl called Plop who is scared of the dark. We came up with some questions to ask Plop in order to find out a bit more about him. Some of us got to take on the role of Plop and sit on the hot seat to answer questions. We found out loads!

Dick Winter Design and Technology Day


On Tuesday 13th December, the whole school took part in the Dick Winter design and technology day. Mr Hardy explained that we had to plan, design and create a Christmas item. The design brief for Year 2 was "to plan, design and create a moving storybook for Reception." 

We were really excited and got going as soon as we got back to the class. We learned what mechanisms are and made wheels, levers, flaps and sliders. Working together was one of the key things we did throughout the day. We also took on many jobs - authors, illustrators, designers and engineers. At the end of the day, we had made a fabulous moving storybook telling the story of The First Christmas. At assembly, Mr Hardy told us who had won. It was Year 3! They had made Christmas board games which looked excellent. Well done Year 3!

Handwriting Competition


At the end of every term, the whole school takes part in a handwriting competition. This term we had a poem called 'I Love Winter' to copy in our neatest handwriting. We made sure our pencils were sharp and that we were siting in our best writing positions. We created a winter border all around the poem when we had finished. I wonder whose handwriting is the most well-presented? Mr Hardy will judge them and let us know at the end-of-term assembly. We can't wait!

Pizza Chefs


After we learned all about the hygiene rules you follow when preparing food, we made pizza. We had to make sure we followed all the hygiene rules we knew such as washing hand properly, covering our hair and not coughing or sneezing on our food. Once we had prepared the pizzas, we cooked them in the oven, cut them into slices and happily munched them. We also had our snack shop biscuit and juice alongside our pizza. Delicious!