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Year 3



Today, the class studied 3 different soil samples taken from the school grounds. They had to compare them and note any differences in appearance, texture and moisture. The children learnt that soil is made up of organic material, rocks, clay and sand. They also discovered quite a few creepy crawlies too!

What rocks erode the easiest?


Our science investigation this week was to find out if some rocks erode easier than others. In our groups, we filled out our investigation plan which included our variables and predictions. We then carried out our investigation using rocks, a plastic tub, paper towels and a stopwatch. When we evaluated our results, we found that sandstone had created the most rock dust and, therefore, was the rock that eroded the easiest out of our selection. 

Golf at Seascale Golf Club


We went to Seascale Golf Club and met Bev New who is a golf coach. She coaches the juniors at the club and was going to give us a taste of how to play golf. We got to have a go at driving, chipping and putting. One of the challenges was to chip the ball into a bucket a good few metres away. We had a fantastic time and would like to thank Bev for inviting us along. We may have some future Rory McIlroys in the class. 





We were inking up paint slabs and experimenting using rollers today. There were lots of different ways to use the roller to print on the paper. One of our favourites was using the side of the roller.