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Fun in the Forest

A visit from Pet Encounters

A visit from the Firefighters 🚒

Conscience Alley

Children’s mental health week- Let’s connect

Nativity 2022

Mexican Celebrations

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In Mexico “Posadas” performances take place from the 16th of December. People reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for somewhere to stay in Bethlehem. They go from house to house until they finally reach one with an alter and nativity scene, where a traditional prayer is spoken, food and drink are served and children take it in turns to break open a piñata.


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German Advent Rhyme

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Merry Christmas from Germany

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Christmas Traditions Around the World


Christmas Dinner

The children found a message in our curiosity cube. The message was from the Owl Babies, they needed our help to find their owl mother. Their mother didn’t return home after hunting one evening. We decided to go on an owl hunt around our school grounds. The children looked high and low and they found her up in a tree, we took her back to see the owl babies in school.

Dough Disco