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Our Senses

In Science we have been learning about our senses. To wrap up our topic we had a 'hands-on' session where we used our senses to investigate different tasks.  On one table we had 'smelly socks' which we had to sniff and identify what Mrs Wolfenden had put inside. Some of them were quite pleasant but two of them were very smelly indeed! (Parmesan cheese and dried onion!) We had a bitter/sweet/salty/sour taste table where we tried different foods and decided which taste group they belonged to. On the 'feel' table we had to match labels to balloons filled with different materials.  Some were quite tricky. Finally we had a sound table with pairs of plastic eggs with different objects inside.  We had to find the matching pairs and try and predict what might be inside. It was great fun and everyone used lots of science language.