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Year 2

Sequences in Sport

Mrs Mason explained to us how important it is to strengthen our bodies through balancing and movements. We had lots of fun using different types of equipment to create our own sequence to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

3, 2, 1 ACTION

After listening to the story Meerkat Mail, we used a story map to retell the story using actions and internalise the language for when we write our own. We all enjoyed performing our actions to the rest of the class.

Sunny’s Special Delivery

Today we received a letter from Meerkat Manor in the Kalahari Desert! The letter explain how poor Sunny had travelled over land and sea to tell us a special tale, but somehow got lost along the way! We searched for clues around the school looking for Sunny’s holiday selfies until they eventually led to the forest! 

Trading Games

We’ve been learning how to trade 10 ones for 1 ten by playing games in pairs. We discovered that 10 ones is equal or the same as 1 ten. 

Movement and Agility!

We loved our first PE lesson with Mrs Mason learning how to move in different ways to strengthen our body and balance. We even learned to play a new game called Crab Tag which helps to build our tummy muscles. 

Amazing Animals

In Science we discussed how animals can be grouped by whether they have features such as fur, gills or dry scaly skin. 

The Kind Man

Miss Giles had lots of helpers to perform the story of The Kind Man (The Good Samaritan) in RE. We discovered that the story was told by Jesus in order to teach people to be kind to one another even if we aren’t their friend or they are a stranger. We talked about the many different ways we can be kind to each other like the Samaritan in the story.

Picture 1

Our Wonderful World

We kick started our new topic by using Google Maps to explore the United Kingdom and search for places we had visited in the holidays like Jersey, Newcastle and St Bees. We even found our school! Later on in the week we began to learn about the 7 continents that make up our world and labelled them on our own map.