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Year 1

YEAR 1 2021-2022

Here We Are 

We enjoyed learning about space when we read the story Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.

Abstract Art 🎨 

We enjoyed studying the work of Beatriz Millhazes and how she used colour and shape in her artwork.  We then composed our own piece in her style.

Music 🎢 

We have been enjoying learning to play the glockenspiel and chime bars.  We were learning to keep a steady pulse using the note C.

Run, run as fast as you can!

Mrs Fawcett went to eat her lunch and discovered it had disappeared!  The CCTV showed her gingerbread man escaping so we have written letters to people to see if they can help us find it.

The Gingerbread Man

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He then sent us a letter saying it was the first of several challenges.  We had to learn the story of The Gingerbread Man first.

The Gingerbread Man

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πŸ€ Wheelchair Basketball πŸ€

We enjoyed practising our skills in wheelchair basketball after we learnt about Nat Pattison'sincredible sporting journey overcoming a manner of obstacles to become an English champion.

🌳 Forest School 🌳

We have enjoyed learning a variety of skills at Forest School.  We have learnt to cooperate, problem solve, communication, resilience and perseverance.

Science - Investigating Trees🌲 🌳 

We have enjoyed learning to name the different parts of trees and how to recognise trees by their leaves.


YEAR 1 2020 - 2021


In RE we have been learning all about Shabbat.  

Michael’s Magical Menagerie

In music we are taking part in the Cumbria Music Hub and Trellis Art project.  We are busy learning new songs through Michael and his Mum and all about different animals and plants.

Great Fire of London

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London.  We have explored fire through poetry and then learnt a story called Freddie the Friendly Rat in English.  In history we have learnt when the fire was and why it was so great.  We have created timelines, baked bread on the fire, practised putting out a fire with water and looked at other methods used.

Fire Fighting

Freddie the Friendly the Rat

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A trip round the 4 countries of the UK

Wheelchair basketball πŸ€ 

Using aerial photographs to explore school.

Forest School 🌲🌳