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Term Dates

School Day


Registration8.55 am8.55 am


9am and 10:25am



9am and 10:25am

Morning Break10.45 - 11.00 am10.45 - 11.00 am
Lunchtime12.00 - 1.00 pm12.15 - 1.00 pm
Closing Time3.00 pm3.00 pm


The doors will be opened at 8.40am and parents bring children to the gate which is monitored by school staff.  The gate is then closed at 8.55am.  Parents do not enter the school site in the morning unless they need to speak to the office.


We are open for 30 hours and 25 minutes per week (8:55am - 3:00pm)


Morning Snack

Infant children receive a free portion of fruit or vegetable, as part of a government initiative, every day. Junior children can bring in their own healthy snack from home.



Dinner begins at  11.50am for Reception, 11.55am for Year 1 and 12 noon for Year 2. Junior dinner time begins at 12.15am. All children are helped at the hatch by the midday supervisors and supported with using their cutlery where needed. All children have a playtime on their yard during dinnertime which finishes by 1 pm. Dinner costs £2.40 per day, £12 per week.



All children bring a freshly filled water bottle to school every day and have access to fresh water to refill it as and when is necessary. There is a filtered water cooler available in the junior porch and infant porch.



School finishes at 3 pm for Reception to Year 6 children.