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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

RAF Glider Challenge

Today, Year 6 took part in the RAF Glider Challenge. The event was designed to enrich many areas of the curriculum including: Science, Maths, English, Design and Technology, and PSHE. They joined a livestream with an engineer and they were tasked with designing, creating, testing, and improving three prototype gliders. They worked in pairs and were given a number of resources - card, straws, Blu Tac and masking tape. By the end of the challenge, the children were able to identify the different forces acting on the glider and had an understanding of how gliders and other aircraft take flight. The most fun part was when they got to take their creations for a test flight on the MUGA! 

Pet Encounter 

Today, Year 6 took a walk on the wild side with Pet Encounter! Siobhan brought in a collection of exotic creatures for the children to meet: an African grey parrot, a chameleon, a boa constrictor, a tenrec (which is actually more closely related to an elephant than a hedgehog!), and everybody’s favourite - a meerkat. We learnt how these animals are adapted to their environments and what their diets consist of. Look how brave some of the children are as they casually pose with a giant snake wrapped around their shoulders!

St Bees School Science Fair


Today, Year 6 were invited to a science fair at St Bees School. Teachers and Sixth Form students set up a variety of hands-on experiments that the children could take part in. There were demonstrations in biology, chemistry and physics. As you can see, it was a hair-raising experience with plenty of flashes, bangs and pops - a great time was had by all!



Visit to the Beacon


We visited the Beacon to take part in their 'Keep the Home Fires Burning' workshop. Alan talked to the children about the causes of World War 2 and they explored topics like blackout, evacuation, rationing and the Blitz. The children learned lots of new information and got to handle artefacts and historical sources.


We started off our classification topic with some sweetie sorting. The children had to design question keys that would separate the sweets. They did a super job and got to eat them at the end!

Tag Rugby

In PE, the children are learning the skills and rules of tag rugby. They have been doing lots of drills involving carrying and passing the ball properly, and practising their footwork.


Our Art focus this half-term is drawing. The children drew fruit and vegetables and then added colour with a range of media.