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World Mental Health Day

We marked World Mental Health Day by supporting the charity Young Minds on their #Hello Yellow day. Year 6 made a video all about mental health in young people. Pop over to the video resource centre to watch it. 



Science - Adaptation

In Science, we are learning all about evolution and inheritance. Today's lesson focused on 'adaptation' - how animals and plants evolve over time to enable them to live in a particular environment. We matched animals and plants to different environments and discussed what adaptations might have been necessary. The children then chose two animals and one plant to write about.



We are studying the artworks of L.S Lowry. The children have already researched his life and wrote postcards in-role as Lowry. Today, they explored lots of different media to see which would give their work that Lowry feel. Then they started on their own artwork in the style of Lowry, using his paintings as a stimulus. A lovely, chilled afternoon with lots of ‘arty’ discussion. Well done, Year 6.





Today, Year 6 enjoyed a fun music lesson. They listened to a piece of music - “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The children had to think about how the song made them feel, what it reminded them of and if it told a story. They then had to answer a series of questions: Did the tempo stay the same? What were the dynamics of the song? What’s the style of music? What different instruments and voices could be heard throughout the song? Finally, the children explored the rhythm and phrasing of the music - they had to clap their hands in a “call and repeat” exercise. 

Continuous Running

Year 6 have been exploring general fitness with Mrs Mason this week.  They chose teams that would run at a similar pace as each other and tested their fitness to see how many walking breaks they would need while running a designated lap.  It wasn't about running the fastest; it was about who could pace themselves sensibly so their hearts and lungs were working efficiently.