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Year 1

Our Class

Welcome to year 1, where we like to have lots of fun

We are always yearning, to increase our learning

And we are proud to share with you what we've done!


We are the GREAT LIONS

Easter Term Winners

Congratulations to our achievement and handwriting award winners.  It was so hard to choose just one as you’ve all done amazing.

 📚 World Book Day 📚 

We enjoyed dressing as our favourite comic book heroes 🦸‍♂️ for World Book Day.  We got to work with children from all the other classes doing a variety of activities from superhero dances, making a fruit/veg superhero, creating a comic strip and much more.

Fire! Fire!

As part of our topic on the Fire of London we were visited by Egremont Fire Engine where we compared firefighting equipment to what was available in 1666.  The firefighters made us feel really safe when they showed us all the things they use to rescue people in lots of situations.

Our class charter

Family Lunch 🥗

We enjoyed having our family in to share dinner time with them. Thank you to Mrs Peet and staff in the kitchen for making it delicious.  

🎾 Ball Skills ⚽️ 
In PE we have been practising sending and receiving balls using different parts of our bodies.  We have been working out what makes it easier and harder to get it to our partner.

Fire-fighting in the Past

We pretended we were living in London in 1666 and had to find a way of putting out the fire using water from the river Thames.  We soon realised it was easier working as a team than trying to carry a bucket by ourselves.

🖼 Weaving 🎨 

We have been practising the art of weaving using different materials.  First by weaving people in and out by playing dancing bluebells.  Then we used scarves and skipping ropes on the fence.

Weaving patterns

Still image for this video


In maths we have been investigating shape.  We have learnt to identify and name 2d and 3d shapes before creating patterns with them.

The Great Fire Of London

We learnt houses in the past were made of wood, straw and pitch unlike houses today which are made of brick and tiles.  We then made some of our own Tudor style houses.


In PSHE we are thinking about our dreams and goals.  We started the topic trying to pass the treasure chest without rattling the treasure - which we proudly achieved - before thinking about other personal achievements we have met.  Some of us have learnt to count to 100, tie our shoelaces or ride our bikes.

Achievement and Handwriting Award

Congratulations to our award winners this term.

🎄 Christmas Party Day 🎄 

We had a great time playing games and doing our best disco dancing.

Christmas Design & Technology Day

Santa set us the challenge to make a playground to say thank you to his hardworking elves.  We begun the day by investigating a playground before practising making frames.  After that we worked together in a team to design a playground before deciding who would make what piece of equipment.  Then the making begun and it soon proved quite challenging but some of us successfully managed to create a variety of playground equipment.  Lots of us concentrated really hard and persevered when it didn't go right the first time.

A Victorian Christmas Carol Service

We all enjoyed dressing up and performing a variety of traditional and modern Christmas carols at church.  Our nativity service showed how Christmas was celebrated at the time when Bookwell school was built.

Christmas Dinner

We all loved our Christmas dinner.  The turkey and pig in blankets were delicious.

Investigating Materials

We were investigating a variety of materials to find out which were waterproof.  Once we found out which materials were waterproof we then thought about their other properties to help us decide which would be best to repair an umbrella.

The Evil Professor Spade

Traction man needed our help to catch the Evil Professor Spade.  We had lots of good ideas like hiding behind the trees, tying him up and digging a pit.

Victorian Toys

We have been exploring replica Victorian toys.  We noticed they were mostly made of metal or wood and wouldn’t have any batteries.

Snow Bears

We have put all our art skills we have learnt this half term to create a wonderful family of Snow Bears.  We are super proud of them.

Toys in the Past

Mrs Forrester visited us today to tell us about toys she played with 60 years ago when she was little.  We learnt her toys were made of glass, card and plastic.  She only had one teddy and didn’t  have lots of toys but played lots of games like marbles, beetle and donkey.  None of her toys had batteries or used a computer or electric.  We also found out she would only get one toy at Christmas.  She showed us her nanna’s doll which was over 100 years old and it was made of pot not plastic so could be broken easily.


🎨 Exploring Marks  🖼 

In art we have been exploring different types of mark makers.  We looked at sketching pencils and discovered some were darker and harder than others.  We soon discovered charcoal can be quite messy but fun to blend while pastels are colourful and can be mixed.  Wax crayons were colourful like pastels but couldn’t be blended.

🎾 PE 🤸‍♂️ 

We are busy practising lots of skills in PE at the moment.  We have been learning why we need to warm up and prepare our bodies for excercise.  Then we have learnt about control and aiming at targets in games and balance and control in gymnastics.

🧙‍♀️☠️🌳 Forest School 6 🌳 🎃 👻 

We begun our session reflecting on what we can do now that we couldn’t do in September and how our clothing had changed.  When we got to the forest we played vanish before making forest faces to scare away the evil faces on All Hallows’ Eve.

Traction Man

Traction Man arrived in our classroom but we didn’t know who he was or what he was up to.  We used all the clues we had to guess what was happening then asked a question we wanted answered before hearing the story,

Muslim Learning Service

We enjoyed a visit from Imran Kota who came to teach us about his religion, Islam.  He gave the whole school an assembly about the 5 pillars of Islam.  We learnt they are belief, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage and how they are important to a Muslim.

🍐 Jennifer Carver Cookery Day 🍎 

We all enjoyed our autumn harvest cookery day.  First we tasted some fruits before designing our very own crumbles.  We had to stew our fruit, weigh the ingredients and rub them together before cooking it.  They looked amazing and tasted delicious.

🌳 Forest School 5 🌳 

Today saw us looking at the different seeds from trees before planting our own.  We also used our senses to play sneaky fox and see if we could pinch the branch without being heard.  We also spent some time in the emergency shelter.

Phonics Fun

We are busy playing games to practise our new phonemes/graphemes.


 🎶 Music 🎶 

In music we have been finding the pulse.  We have also been practising playing the pulse using our bodies and glockenspiels.

Hello Yellow - World Mental Health Day

We all really enjoyed 'Hello Yellow' day. It was good to talk about how sometimes we might feel sad but not know why.  We learnt Eeyore often felt sad and how his friends, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Kanga and Roo, were there for him and helped him feel a bit better.  We then all thought of ways we can help people feel better about themselves before making Eeyore a new home.

 🏀 Wheelchair Basketball 🏀 

We all enjoyed revisiting wheelchair basketball and had lots of fun practising our skills.  Nat makes it look so easy.

🌳 Forest School 4 🌳 

This week, after special request, a tyre swing arrived and provided lots of fun.  Today’s session saw us reflect on our magic spot before hearing a story about Bears best birthday present - a stick.  We explored what we could do with a stick.  We discovered we could dig, drag, make music, play pirates, cast spells and much more.

Once Upon A Time ...

We have been working hard planning our own gingerbread man stories using our own characters.  We have been learning to describe our character with adjectives checking we use capital letters and full stops in our sentences.

🌍 Geography 🌍 

The gingerbread man has been busy out and about in Egremont exploring the many human and physical features it has.  We have also been creating land use maps of Egremont using aerial photos to show where you find houses, shops and open spaces.

 🌳 Forest School 3 🌳 

This week was all about shelters.  First we created our own to keep us dry then we helped the woodland little people make new shelters after their homes were destroyed many years ago by a dragon.  Some children even created a dragon trap.


We are busy learning about keeping passwords safe and have been practising logging on using our passwords.  We have also learnt to save our work on the computer.


In PSHE we are busy thinking about what makes a good learner.  Today we shared our ideas about when we like learning.  Lot of us said we like learning when we are with our friends, outside and in the forest.

Exploring Materials

In DT we have been busy exploring materials ready to make our own felt faces.  We have been practising making hair.

🌳 Forest School 2 🌳

This week the little people of the forest left us a present which we had to find.  We made a forest friendship bracelet to show we cared for the forest.  Once in the forest we collected 5 things then had to hide them just like a squirrel 🐿.   After that we spent time exploring, creating and having fun before having to find our things again.  Some of us lost our stash while others forgot where they hid them because they changed their hiding place.


 🌳 Forest School 1 🌳 

We all enjoyed our first forest school session.  We spent the time enjoying the new mud kitchen, balancing, collecting, observing and jumping and searching for the gingerbread man.

The Gingerbread Man 

We are busy learning the story of the gingerbread using our talk for writing story map.  Today we were thinking of questions we have about the story.

Run, run as fast you can..

The gingerbread man escaped with his friends and are keeping us on our toes.  Look where he has been ...

🌈 Rainbow Room - Autumn Term 1 🌈 

We have been busy working in the rainbow room making self-portaraits, models of our houses, exploring numbers and sounds as well as making shape flowers and fruit and veg for the porch display.