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An envelope addressed to Year 2 was delivered to our classroom today. It was a GIANT envelope with some very untidy writing on the front. Inside was a CD and a recipe book. We listened to the CD and found out what the recipe book was for. A low, gruff voice came out of the speakers and told us that he was a giant and he had giant friends coming round for dinner but he had lost his recipe book. He wondered if we could help him by creating some disgusting recipes that contained horrible things like worms and fingernails. We got into groups and came up with some terribly yucky recipes and wrote them onto the giant recipe book pages. Once we were done, we put the pages together, put them into the envelope, wrote the address on the front and stuck on a giant first class stamp. Mrs McEwan posted it at Cleator Moor Post Office after school. We can't wait to see if the giant will contact us again.