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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! We work hard but have lots of fun. Through the year, we will add pictures to give you a taste of life in Year 6. Families, please remember that there’s lots more on your child’s Seesaw. 

Living Eggs

The Year 6 children have loved watching our chicks from ‘Living Eggs’ hatch and grow. We linked it to our science topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’, and thought about how breeding can produce chickens that are useful for different purposes. Some lay lots of eggs (even colourful blue or green ones), while others are bred for their meat. There are fancy breeds with unusual plumage - or no feathers at all - that can be taken to shows. Some cultures also breed chickens for their aggression, and enter them in fights.

Heart Rate Investigation 

Today in science, Year 6 were investigating how exercise affects our heart rate. The children carried out six different levels of activity over a minute: slow breathing, sitting, walking, jogging, jumping and sprinting. After this, they measured their pulses using a fingertip oximeter. To keep it a fair test, they kept some factors the same - length of time, level ground and same finger for the pulse meter. They correctly predicted that the harder you exercise, the faster your heart rate. This is because your muscles need more oxygen when you exert yourself so your heart beats faster to deliver it. Finally, they displayed their results in a bar graph. 

United Utilities Water Workshop

Year 6 took part in an informative Water Workshop which was delivered by United Utilities. The programme highlights the importance of water and not wasting it. The children learnt about: where water comes from; why water is important; how we can save water; how to prevent blockages and the how the water cycle works. It was very surprising to find out that one person can use around 150 litres of water a day!


Today was NSPCC Number Day. Schools across the UK participated in various maths-related activities and raised funds to support the charity’s crucial work. Year 6 made number-shaped cookies. They had to weigh all the ingredients themselves and scale up so that there was enough for everyone in class. They also made their own board games that had to have a mathematical theme. Well done, Year 6!


Today, Year 6 took part in a virtual RAF STEM Challenge (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). We were joined by Rachel Brickell and we learnt about what the RAF does across the globe. The children were put into teams of four and were tasked with designing and creating a Lego bridge, after a natural disaster had cut off an island from the mainland. They were assigned different roles - a commander, an engineer, a communications expert and financial controller. Many skill sets were put to the test: communication, teamwork, problem solving, mathematics and even deciphering Morse Code. The most successful teams were the ones who stuck to their roles and worked together!

Steady Hand Games


We have been making steady hand games in Design Technology. Our designs were planned carefully to have the right level of challenge for the people we had chosen to design them for. We used our knowledge from our circuits work in science to make sure that when the circuit of our game was closed by touching the wire, either a buzzer sounded or a bulb lit up. Everyone produced a working game and had fun testing them all out. Well done, Year 6.


Today in maths, the children were learning how to compare and order fractions whose denominators were different. They had to use their times tables knowledge to find a common denominator - only then could they solve the problems. Some good maths work today, Year 6!

Charlie Reid Fundraiser


Today, we were joined by Gary Mckee and an ex-pupil, Charlie Reid. We were sponsored to run or walk a mile around our MUGA and our aim was to raise money for Charlie who is recovering from a brain operation. Thank you to the Marathon Man for joining us and for all the encouragement he gave as we took part in the challenge.  

Beacon Visit

Year 6 visited the Beacon today to take part in their ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ workshop. They impressed us with how much they remembered from our World War Two topic. Afterwards, the children had the chance to explore the rest of the museum. They particularly liked the new indoor ‘mini golf game.’

Dance in PE



This half term, Year 6 are studying dance in PE. Today, Mrs Mason tasked the children to choreograph a routine of their own. Working in pairs, they had to include 5 sequences: a slide, a jump, steps, a turn and a change of body level. The children were very creative in coming up with different ideas. 



Drawing - Lesson 1

Bench Ball in PE