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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Separating Materials

The children have been investigating how to separate materials through the use of filtration, magnetism, sieving and evaporation.


In class, we have been investigating dissolving today. The children first learnt new vocabulary related to dissolving and then had to try and rearrange the scientific words to create sentences about the dissolving process. Next came the fun part as the children got to make predictions about which materials would dissolve in the water. 

French Monster Pets


The children have been decoding a French text about the Komodo dragon by finding words that are similar to English words. They then had to write down some facts that they could learn from reading the text. 

REACT Science Fair

The children attended a REACT science show at Lakes College today where they learned about the effect of forces and gravity. 

Hundertwasser Landscapes

Jennifer Carver Day


Today the children worked together in groups and made a meal of spaghetti bolognese. First, they had to prepare the vegetables by peeling, slicing, cutting and chopping them. Then they had to fry the mince and boil the pasta. Afterwards, they were able to taste what they had made. 

Classifying and Grouping Materials 

The children have been comparing and contrasting materials based on their properties. They had to determine which materials were: conductive, non-conductive, flexible, translucent, transparent and opaque. 

Taste Testing


Today the children have been learning about the different nutritional values food have, in terms of calories, proteins, fats, sugars etc. Then, they looked at the nutritional values of two different sauces and tried to work out which one was the healthiest. Then they did a blind taste test to work out which one they thought would be the healthiest based on taste and they discussed whether one of the sauces having less sugar, salt, fat content and calories etc would affect the taste. They will soon be creating their own spaghetti bolognese sauces. 

Painting Landscapes

The children have been using watercolours to paint their very own landscapes in the style of Hundertwasser. 

Using a Story Map

Today the children have used a story map to learn the story of The Old Mill. They used actions to help them remember the story. 

Subtractive Drawing

Orienteering Skills