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Year 3



We studied ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, paying particular attention to the brush strokes. We then explored different brush strokes using a range of brush sizes and ways to apply it to the paper.

Do plants need space to grow?


In science, our class investigated if plants need space to grow. We pretended that we were seeds growing into plants in a plant pot. When there were 28 seeds in the pot, it was too squashed for us all when we started to grow. Our leaves couldn’t spread out to collect sunlight to make our food and there wasn’t enough water for every single plant to suck up using our roots.



We have been learning about keeping healthy in PSHE and our circle time focus this week was about drugs. We had a debate about whether or not we thought all drugs were bad. Everyone was very grown up and listened to others’ opinions maturely. 

Investigating Disposible Nappies


We investigated a disposible nappy. We looked at the materials it was made of and their properties. The nappy was absorbent, could fasten together, was light, was soft and was stretchy. Using scissors, we cut the nappy open to look at what was inside. We discovered little crystals that absorb and expand when they come into contact with liquid. Cool!

World Book Day


Gangsta Grannies, Demon Dentists, Mr Stinks, The World’s Worst Children, Grandads,  Billionaire Boys, Burts from Burt’s Burgers and a boy (Mr Pickering) in a dress - our Arts Council decided on a David Williams themed World Book Day at Bookwell. We all dressed up as characters from any of David Williams’ many books. Even the staff dressed up. We all looked outstanding and had a fun day moving around all the classes taking part in activities.

Old MacDonald


Old MacDonald had a farm’ changed to ‘Old Macdonald had a glock’ in our music lesson today. We were learning about pentatonic scales and how they five notes. We focused on G A B C And D and played along on a glockenspiel while the others sang along.

Imagination Gaming


On the first morning of maths’ week, we got to take part in an imagination gaming session. In groups, we played a variety of games. Some were problem solving, some were number based, som were shape based and we really had to use our logic for a few. We had a super time and we got to keep the games. We can’t wait until Friday afternoon for a chance to play them again. 

Right Angle Hunt


Today, Year 3’s maths lesson was all about angles. We learned how right angles can be recognised by looking for an “L” shape. We also discovered that angles greater than 90 degrees are called obtuse and those less than 90 degrees are called acute. The class then went on an angle hunt around school where we had to record our findings in a table. As you can see, we had lots of fun whilst learning!

Friction Investigation


The way a car moves across different surfaces was what the focus of our investigation was. We used lots of different equipment including a ramp and a trundle wheel. The smooth wooden surface had the least friction whereas the rough, bumpy carpet had the most friction.

Cave Painting


Mrs McEwan turned the tables on their side and we collected sticks on order to create some cave art. We used coloured paint instead of chalk, red ochre and charcoal. People in the Stone Age painted animals and hunting scenes so we decided to do the same. What do you think of our cave paintings?

Having Some Fun


As Year 3 worked extra hard this week and performed so brilliantly in the Carol Service,  they were rewarded with a Friday afternoon session in the wooded area. 

Sedimentary Sandwiches


In order to understand how sedimentary rock is formed, Year 3 made some sedimentary sandwiches. These were made of many layers to represent different things.


Bread = bed of river/lake

Brown sugar = sand

Jam = mud

Crackers = bones

Marmalade = clay

Raisins = plants


It helped us to visualise the layers of the rock being formed and covered by other layers.

Shadow Puppets


Writing a story, creating shadow puppets and performing it in front of the class were just some of the things we took part in today. Rosehill Theatre were visiting the school and they put on a fantastic performance of Mrs Lutwige and the Magic of the North Pier Lighthouse for the whole school in the morning. In the afternoon, our class took part in lots of fantastic activities. We loved all the Year 3 performances. 

Egremont Crab Fair


On Thursday, we spend the afternoon learning about Egremont Crab Fair. We heard about the history of the fair and how it's changed throughout the years. We couldn't believe it is 751 years old! We made our own braffins (that's a horse collar) and then had a go at gurning. We're very privileged in year 3 at Bookwell because we have the reigning children's gurning champion - Lexi, and Denni's mum is the reigning ladies' gurning champion. What do you think of our 'grotesque' faces?



Hockey is our focus in P.E this half term. Andrew is coaching us on Tuesday mornings. We started off by learning some basic skills such as dribbling and passing. In a few weeks we'll be hockey superstars.

Keith Haring


We have been learning about pop art during our first week back. It is bright, colourful and fun art. We looked at lots of different art. Our class focused on Keith Haring who was an American pop artist. He tended to create colourful people by drawing, painting and sculpting. These people were in lots of different positions. We experimented with posing in lots of different positions like Keith's art. We then got some members of the class to lie down in these positions and we drew round them. After that, we painted and cut round the outline creating our own Keith Haring pop art.